Ronda Severely Broke Her Hand In WrestleMania Main Event

During the main event at WrestleMania Ronda severely broke her hand.  She was examined right after the match and was diagnosed then.  As of right now, Ronda is not scheduled to work in the WWE past this week, so having this injury should not change her plans or the WWE.


QD – I honestly didn’t notice any injury during the match.  Thinking back the only thing that jumped out as odd during the match was when Becky and Charlotte lifted Ronda over and over for the powerbombs, they were all struggling.  I chalked it up fatigue, but thinking back Ronda was struggling to hold onto them with one of her hands.  Obviously she must have broken it before then.  I know she knows how to handle pain, but she really impressed me working through the match with a broken hand!