Dasha Fuentes Released From WWE

WWE has released backstage interviewer Dasha Fuentes.  She was in New York and New Jersey over WrestleMania weekend and was scheduled to appear at an anti-bullying rally at the Navy Yard Boys and Girls Club, but did not appear and was replaced by Sarah Schreiber.  The last time Fuentes was seen was on the Raw go-home to WrestleMania


QD – I have to admit that I’ve been confused at the number of and changes in all the female backstage announcers.  Other than Charly and Dasha, I’ve not had much of a clue who most of them are.  It honestly feel as though the WWE keeps throwing female announcers at the wall and waiting to see which ones stick.  Charly has finally found emotion and personality, but the rest are just a dull buzz to me.  None of them have that special something Renee has.  Even Lilian was leaps and bounds ahead of all of them when she first started back there.