Tama Tonga Not Impressed with ROH’s Use Of Enzo And Cass

Even though Enzo and Cass are not under contract with Ring of Honor, it appears as though their attack at G1 was a work and certain people are not impressed.  Not only is Tama Tongo not impressed, he expressed his opinion on Twitter.



QD – Even though this Enzo and Cass thing appears to be a work, I truly get why people are pissed.  The worst thing to glorify in pro wrestling is jumping the barricade and getting involved.  Yes, they are wrestlers, but it’s not right unless that person or people are known to be under contract and/or openly and obviously involved with the wrestling promotion in question.  Gone are the days that guys like Hall and Nash can walk in and leave the fans questioning.  I also understand that this was planned before the show started and the attack on Bret Hart happened so close to this happening that there was virtually no way to pull back at that point, but it’s something they should not have booked in the first place.  There are just too many people who will look at this and think it’s okay to get involved, which is the very opposite of the truth.