Latest Info On Enzo And Cass

On the latest edition of the Wresting Observer Newsletter, there was mention on how the Enzo and Cass angle at the G1 Special was executed. Below are some of things that were revealed.


“Mark Briscoe started swinging wildly with a fan out of the crowd, which turned out to be the former Enzo Amore. Amore was sitting with the former Big Cass, at ringside, surrounded by some planted fans and kept disguised. The idea was to make this look like it wasn’t part of the show. Security was alerted ahead of time that an angle was being planned and to let it happen but weren’t told exactly what it is. The punches being thrown were really stiff because they wanted fans at ringside to think it was real. They went so far as to keep this a secret from almost everyone. Tonga & Loa, who had just won, were not told, nor was anyone from the New Japan side told. Multiple sources have confirmed nobody in New Japan was told about it ahead of time. 

The two will use the names nZo and CazXL and their tag team name will be the Free AgentZ. A big brawl ensued, none of which was shown to the streaming/PPV audience with the idea of presenting it like it wasn’t supposed to happen. In addition, they sent Bully Ray out there with the idea that he’s a big tough guy and would be the guy who would handle things for ROH if it was a real fight. Security when it was over got Enzo & Cass out. The key thing is they weren’t handcuffed or kicked out. Cass looked very out of shape, and was blown up with bloodshot eyes. He may have gotten hurt because the punches being thrown were very real because they wanted the ringsiders to believe it was a fight and he got several potatoes from the Briscoes.”

Enzo was interviewed by Sports Illustrated and commented on the plans he and Cass have now that they are reunited. Enzo also mentioned that hearing about the seizure Cass suffered was what led himself and Cass to resolve their differences and reunite.

“We had the opportunity of a lifetime with the WWE to see the world and build our brand, and now we are Free AgentZ. Nobody in WWE, AEW, New Japan, Ring of Honor, or Impact has been given the opportunity we’ve had. We have a social media following, a presence, and a voice despite not working for a company right now. In order to take advantage of that, we plan on doing it in ways that have never been done before.

We are now business owners of our brand with creative control over our work. We own our own music, artwork, and merchandise. We have a television show in the works, and I can’t wait for the world to see it.”


S.A.M.’s Spiel: I honestly have no idea what ROH was thinking by not letting the NJPW workers in on the angle. It could have turned out way worse had something happened with them. I honestly have no idea how well ROH will use them and am also not quite sure on their new names. nZo and CazXL feel very random and their team name is okay I guess. I guess we will have to see how the ROH fans react to seeing these two on a regular basis.