Nia Jax Will Be Gone For A Bit UPDATE: Major Injury

Nia Jax has posted on Twitter and Instagram that she will be away for a bit.  She’s not stated that she’s injured in any way, but the rumors floating around are that she’s torn the ACLs in both knees and needs surgery, therefore will be out for quite a while.  We will post more information when it becomes available.


UPDATE: Nia Jax has confirmed that she does need surgery for double ACL and will be gone fore quiet a while.

QD – There are always injuries that happen at WrestleMania, and while we know of a couple of the injuries, like AJ’s hip, I’m sure there are more that we haven’t heard about quite yet as they are evaluated.  It’s tough that Nia is injured and I hope the best for her recovery, though she’s not the only one who could be hurt with this injury.  As Nia had been running with Tamina, I worry that Tamina will be brushed under the rug without her partner in Samoan Slaughterhouse.  Tamina is solid in the ring and better on mic than she’s ever given credit for.  Fingers crossed that any push she might have been looking at isn’t hurt by Nia being out.  This would be the perfect time for Tamina to shine and prove that she’s more than just a pretty face.