The Innards – Dark Side Of The Ring

As professional wrestling seems to be entering a boom period, the desire for content also sees an uptick. The WWE Network has hit on something with their documentary type content with ‘WWE 24’ and ‘Chronicle,’ and a recent hit has been the WWE PC Channel on YouTube.

Episodes 1 and 3 are available on YouTube and

Outside the WWE, Vice is looking at the more unvarnished side of professional wrestling. Starting this week, Viceland will air a 6 part docuseries covering a different touchpoint in wrestling history. The first episode, which premiered Thursday, April 10 highlighted the tumultuous relationship between “The Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, their meeting, marriage, breakup, and their subsequent deaths. Vice has reached out to the people who were there, personalities that fans will know like Mick Foley, Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, and others. This episode doesn’t shy away from the well-known perception that Savage was extremely possessive of Elizabeth, even going so far as to secure her a private dressing room away from the other performers.

Bruiser Brody

The third episode, which was released prior to the series premiere discusses the murder of Bruiser Brody (Frank Goodish) in Puerto Rico. Featuring an emotional story by his friend, and the man who was in the same locker room near where Brody was stabbed, Tony Atlas, this is easily one of the finest pieces of documentary content I’ve personally ever watched. Dutch Mantell was also in the arena in Puerto Rico that night and gave his view on what happened.

The upcoming episodes will cover well-known subjects in professional wrestling but without any sort of WWE filter. Next weeks’ episode covers one of the most, if not the most important moment in professional wrestling in the Montreal Screwjob. Covering Bret Hart’s departure from WWE in 1997 and his signing with WCW, people from both sides weigh in, and most fans have their own version of what happened, I think Vice wants to present as unvarnished a look as possible. The other episodes will cover the murder of Gino Hernandez, the Von Erich family – both tied to WCCW, in Texas.

Dark Side Of The Ring currently airs Wed nights over the next five weeks, and the episodes are available on YouTube.