Everything You Need To Know On Sasha Banks And Bayley Possibly Wanting Out Of WWE

As many of you may have heard, Sasha Banks and Bayley may indeed want to leave WWE.

We have waited to report about this until now as there was a lot of speculation regarding this story and we wanted to weigh through it all and give you guys the most accurate report possible.

Firstly, both Sasha and Bayley were both indeed very upset that they were dropping the Women’s Tag Title belts so soon as they were promised a long run with said belts by management to help establish the belts as something worth winning and to make up for all the poor creative offerings they were given in 2018 for which they have both been vocal about.

The decision for them to drop the belts to the IIconics was made on the day of WrestleMania possibly due to the match getting mainstream media attention in Australia due to Peyton Royce’s and Billie Kay’s involvement and WWE is planning another Super Showdown style stadium show down under in 2019.

Ryan Satin has reported that both Sasha and Bayley were letting everyone know how unhappy they were with the whole situation by laying on the floor of the locker room and outside their hotel rooms telling anyone who would listen that they were tired of the way they have been treated since they were first called up to the main roster a few years ago. This may also be the reason for the recent war of words on Twiter between Sasha and Alexa Bliss as it is rumoured Alexa confronted them about their behavior.

Not much is known regarding Sasha Banks canceling an appearance for the Wendy Williams show last minute, however, it is doubtful it was due to a Family situation as Willaims put it as both Sasha and her husband Mikaze were in El Salvadore the next day promoting WWE along with Kalisto. It is believed Sasha was sent home either straight after or during this trip.

Both Sasha Banks and her husband have expressed their frustrations with the whole situation in cryptic posts on Twitter:

It should also be pointed out that Sasha has unfollowed Vince McMahon and most WWE related accounts and has since followed almost all related AEW accounts. However, it should be noted that that most people behind the scenes think WWE would NEVER grant Sasha or Bayley’s release so they could join AEW and compare the situation to the whole Revival story.

Sir Mitch Says: I really don’t balme Sasha and Bayley for being unhappy in WWE. They have both played second fiddle to other women like Charlotte and Alexa Bliss their entire main roster run (Vince still preferes his beloved blondes) and both spent the entire length of 2018 floundering in mid-card hell while creative and WWE’s higher-ups went back and fourth on having them feud agaisnt one another or having them be a Tag Team resulting in several terrible segments on WWE TV.