NXT Superstar Repackaged

The WWE has been changing a lot of names lately.  Mostly it’s just the dropping of first or last names, but when it comes to Punisher Martinez he’s getting a complete overhaul.  Not only are they changing his name, but they are also repackaging him as Damien Priest.  He will be getting a whole new look, much darker than he was as Martinez, as well as a new entrance and character that is much more up his personal alley, stating, “I’ve always been into the weird, the odd, the dark, so that’s the character I’ve always represented.”

This information came from an article about the Performace Center in the Sports Business Journal.  Interesting to note that Bray Wyatt was also mentioned in the article as someone who was repackaged, from his original character of Husky Harris.  Wyatt is again out being repackaged.


QD – I hope that this repackaging works out for the new Damien Priest as it sounds like the character is more up his alley.  I also hope Wyatt returns sooner than later!