Sanity Disbanded

It appears as though it’s official, Sanity is no more.  When they were brought up from NXT without Nikki Cross a lot of fans were unhappy and worried for the faction.  That worry grew when Sanity was barely seen on SD.  Last night it was announced that Eric Young was being moved to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup, which further made fans worried, but this tweet appears to state the sad, obvious truth.


QD – My heart is broken.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that EY might find a direction on Raw, but to break up such a great faction is a travesty.  I am blaming all of this on VKM being out of touch with the fans.  I truly believe that all Triple H, NXT, Dane, Wolfe, Young, and Cross built would have gotten over with the SD fanbase.  They were great in that faction, great in their roles within the faction, but VKM didn’t get it so he destroyed the faction.  It’s one thing to believe you’re the best at something, it’s another thing to destroy all that’s been built by others to try to prove that you are still the best at something, even when you’re not.