Road Dogg Taking Extended Break From WWE

There is an interesting update on “Road Dogg” Jesse James.

Although one WWE source is claiming that Road Dogg’s decision to step down was not because he was upset with Vince McMahon, others have said that he was frustrated and that frustration was building for a long time. Reportedly, McMahon would yell at James in front of people and he was tired of the constant last-minute script changes for Smackdown Live after creative would spend hours (frequently working very late into the night) working on the show every week.

PWInsider is reporting that Road Dogg will be taking an extended break from the company. The situation will be evaluated to see where he might fit going forward, and there is no timetable for his return.

Sir Mitch Says: While some of the things Road Dogg says and does drive fans up the wall, most of us agree Smackdown is the better of the two main roster shows and he was one of the reasons for that. Let’s hope Road Dogg finds a new role within WWE.