Backlash Is Canceled

While WWE’s Backlash had been planned for June 16, it has since been removed from the schedule.

The Saudi Arabia show is scheduled for June 7 and it would be incredibly hard on the wrestlers and crew to have to PPVs in such a short time.  Further, the WWE doesn’t like to schedule PPVs that close to each other.

There is an NXT TakeOver scheduled for June 8, which is a standalone show, but there might be changes for the same reason as Backlash, the challenge for the staff and crew to get a PPV-level show out eight days after having one in Saudi Arabia


QD – I’m disgusted!  I’m so over these Saudi Arabia shows.  I know McMahon is a great businessman, but this is a huge mistake.  Each time they have one of these shows there’s a serious backlash, both within the WWE Universe and in mainstream media, because of the politics and human rights issues involved in putting on shows in Saudi Arabia.