WWE Holding Tryouts In China

WWE is holding a four-day tryout in China.  Fifty men and women are vying for the chance to go to the USA and train at the Performance Center in Orlando.  The WWE has been growing globally over the past couple years and they see China as an untapped market.  They plan on building a Performance Center there, but until then, the young wrestlers who are brought in will work at the Performance Center in Florida – which could be expanded with the purchase of some new property in Orlando.  These tryouts will be July 15-18 and they hope to find a whole new crop of superstars in China.


QD – I hope this works out well and they find some amazing talent, but I have to worry as well.  Vince McMahon and the WWE has not had the best track record with Asian wrestlers.  They are notoriously badly used and leave the company disgruntled more often than not.  Triple H has done much better than his father-in-law in this regard in NXT, but as soon as the superstars are moved up to the main roster everything they had built with Trip in NXT is destroyed and they’re booked terribly.  We can see that now with how Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka have been treated since coming up to the main roster.  Honestly, the only Asian superstar who has done the best with the WWE is Funaki and much of his time was making fun of his accent and his inability to communicate with the WWE Universe.  That’s not at all the way the WWE should be pushing their superstars in this PC Era.