Possibly More Superstars Leaving WWE

By now most of us have heard about how unhappy Sasha Banks and Bayley were after losing their Women’s Tag Team Championship to the IIconics at WrestleMania.  They were quite vocal about it backstage and at the hotel after the show was over.  There have been more questions than answers since then.  Bayley appeared on Raw after WM, and has since been moved to SD in the Superstar Shakeup, but we’ve seen nothing of Sasha since WM.

Sasha and the WWE have tried to hash things out, but there are still issues and at this point she might end up sitting at home waiting for her contract to run out.  Normally superstars that are that unhappy and that disruptive are given their release, but since the formation of AEW Vince McMahon has been signing more superstars and holding tight to all who might have any interest in going to AEW.  The problem is that in the writing of contracts some superstars actually have to sit home longer than their contracts as these contracts can be frozen due to injury or other issues, such as what is going on with Sasha.  Neville had to sit home for a year before he was finally released.

The WWE has released a number of superstars from their contracts early as of late: Tye Dillinger Hideo Itami, Jack Swagger, and Goldust.  The thing is that Sasha is a much hotter commodity, in McMahon’s eyes, than the rest put together.

While Sasha has been scheduled for MITB, there’s no word to as if she will actually work the show.  As far as we know the WWE and Sasha have huge differences in what they want out of this relationship, and they are not coming any closer in trying to work things out.


QD – I might have an unpopular view of this, but I’m almost over both Bayley and Sasha.  While Sasha’s matches are great, her attitude and the fact that she’s greatly injury prone has me less excited to see her getting pushed in the WWE.  It appeared as though things had turned around when she and Bayley won the Women’s Tag Team Championship, but then losing them to the IIconics was a kick in the face.  I truly don’t get why they would strap them and I understand why she would be unhappy about it, but if you are that unhappy in your job, it’s time to make a change in some way.  I’m not sure how I would handle it, but there are serious problems on both sides, neither the WWE nor Sasha Banks are free of mistakes in this one.