Superstar Moved To Raw UPDATE

The WWE has announced that Cesaro has been moved to Raw.  No clue what will happen with The Bar from here.


UPDATE – It appears as though it was Fox who wanted Andrade, Vega, and Black back on SD, which was why it happened.


QD – It appears as though they have split up The Bar, but who knows as they appear to still be moving people around on the roster.  While I would love to see Cesaro get a singles push and think he could do great things with it, I know other members of the WRC believe that Cesaro needs a partner to work off from to be great.  It will be interesting to see what they do with him, as long as they don’t book him in one direction until it’s working and then pull back, over and over, the way they did with him before they teamed him up with Tyson Kidd.  Further, I wonder what will happen with Sheamus once he comes back from his concussion.