Jeff Hardy Reveals How Long He Will Be Out Of Action

The Hardy Boyz dropped the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles on last night’s episode due to Jeff Hardy’s right knee injury. In a post-show video of Jeff talking to Kayla Braxton about the injury, Hardy revealed that he will be out of action for 6-9 months. Hardy suffered the injury at a recent WWE live event, but the storyline is that Lars Sullivan put him out. Hardy also confirmed that he will be undergoing surgery in the next few days. He said he’s going to have his whole right knee repaired, something he’s needed for a while. Hardy told the WWE Universe that he will be back better than ever, and he will be able to put on a much better performance than he has as of late. You can view the whole video below.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Jeff has put his body through so much in his time as a professional wrestler so I am not surprised that he will be out and that he has needed knee surgery for some time. It will be interesting to see how the book Matt from here on out because I think he could be very successful on Smackdown Live. We all hope that Jeff undergoes a successful surgery and he can come back better than ever.