Dealer’s Choice

After Raw this week I was terrified that SDLive would be horrible too. Compared to Raw this SDLive was a glowing success, but not up to the level it was before, and even since, WrestleMania. Hopefully things will get better, and fast, because both shows not being up to snuff will make myself and the entire Wrestle Royalty Community really unhappy, and they do not like us when we are unhappy!


Cole In The Ring

I’m loving Kofi as Champion. Watching his career come full circle has been inspiring. He debuted just after Stacy and I moved in together, and we still joke about how he started off as Jamaican and all the subsequent jokes. After the whole MSG experience, I thought there wasn’t any way Kofi would reach this pinnacle, but the fans forced the issue. Those same fans who know nothing about what we want, need, and deserve to see, according to McMahon. Well, we are a happy WWE Universe because they actually listened to what we really wanted.

Loves me some KO. I thought they were going to draw out the Big O thing longer, and truly wished they had because the dynamic within New Day was so good with him there. On the other hand, KO is one of the few truest natural heels in the industry, and he’s shining in his mic work with Kofi, as we knew he would happen.

I loved that Xavier came to Kofi’s rescue and fought KO with all he had in him. I’m bummed that Big E is out due to injury, but him not being there has added a lot to this storyline and feud.


So Many Wants

Bayley was so good when she came to SD, so edgy and interesting. She still had some of that in this match, but not as much as she really needed. Bayley has it in her to be a really great superstar, edgy and impressive, but she cannot seem to hold onto that character for more than a show at a time. I don’t know what the disconnect for Bayley is, but she needs to figure it out as she doesn’t seem to have Banks to work off from any longer, and I’m not sure it’s only because Bayley has been transferred to SD! I did buy a Boss shirt this week, but I’m guessing there won’t be any new shirts made for her.

Becky, of course, gave every little bit of herself in this match and made the match look great, but not as great as some of her other matches lately. I’ve really held on and rooted for Bayley, but when Becky cannot pull a five crown match out of her, especially after the amazing work we saw from Bayley in NXT, it might be time to cut bait and send her to NXT to really entertain in a place that works for her.


Return Of The Boyz

I actually really like that they are pinning Jeff’s issues on Lars. We all know that both Matt and Jeff have abused their bodies and are two of only half of the three who are still working the ring who did what they did, and Bubba Ray didn’t do the things that the Hardy Boyz and E&C did! Not discounting anything Bubba has done, just that he didn’t fling his body around the same way.

Matt looked like he was about to cry giving the belts back. It hurt my heart to see that. It hurt my scalp to see how bleached Matt’s hair is. I honestly don’t know how he and Maryse bleach their hair so light without burning their scalps to no end. Both Rollins and Ziggler had to stop bleaching due to the pain and the condition of their hair. The streak is great on Matt, but I hope he doesn’t destroy that section of his hair in the process.

I love R-Truth’s red jeans! They are very bright in a great way and looked great on him. Honestly, I’d love to see R-Truth and Elias have a facial expression game of horse. The way Elias’ eyes bugged at the GONG compared to R-Truth’s eyes bugged when Lars slapped that chair away, and that’s just the start of it. Tell me you don’t see it and I’ll say I don’t believe it.


Poison Ivy & Cheetara

I really don’t get Paige’s newest team. The only thing they have in common is their home country, and while what I’m going to follow this up is contradictory, I think putting these two women together sheerly on their ethnicity is bunk. I also think that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have Paige lead them. I truly thought that Paige was going to lead a team from the UK. Yes, that means putting together a team because of where they’re from, but after Paige’s movie I think it makes more sense than Asuka and Sane. This whole thing is screwy and while I hope it works, I’m not feeling it yet.

No clue who these two jobbers were, but that tall young lady looked pretty decent in the ring. She has personality, a great look, and did pretty well holding her own with Asuka and Sane. She was unexpected and a delight, unlike her partner who looked as awkward and ungainly as I do on any given day. Not good for WWE TV.


You Deserve It More!

Sonya needs to be the one getting the push between these two. She’s a better talker, better wrestler, and more believable. That being said, Sonya’s not blonde and her partner in the ring is, therefore the partner gets the push. Thanks Vince!


B Team & The Authority

I know a lot of people are unhappy with The Authority beating down on any specific superstar, but I have little issue with it. Shane isn’t beating down on numerous superstars and I think this is the only way they have of keeping Reigns as a face of any sort, and I’m not sure even that will help as the tide is already turning. I don’t like that the B Team is at Shane’s beck and call, but at least they’re doing something.


Working toward MITBLM

I really thought that Andrade would be getting an RKO during or after the match, but Balor ate it. I truly hope that doesn’t mean that we are going to be stuck dealing with Orton feuding with Balor. Honestly, I don’t want to see anyone stuck feuding with Orton, because almost everyone on the roster deserves better than working with Orton. Who is he going to screw over next? It took Kofi years to bounce back, Bray is in a whole new character which is something I blame on Orton and McMahon. The list of those who have lost much due to Orton is too long for him to be earning the money he does. I don’t see AEW wanting him, and I think his reputation is bad enough that I don’t see anyone wanting to put up with him other than McMahon.


Strong Women Of SDLive!

Carmella is fun, I really do like her, even if Mitch doesn’t get it. She went from annoying and someone who didn’t look like she’d go anywhere to an endearing and shining light of SD. Then there’s Ember who deserves so much more than she has gotten since she got up on the main roster. I’d love to see her win this MITBLM, because she’s a superstar through and through.



KO is one of the few who can carry a segment like this on his own, but this wasn’t his best shot at it. It was just too long of a segment for one person who isn’t Trip, Austin, or Miz. Like on Raw with Sami, sometimes these segments just don’t work out as well as planned. Being at the end of the show added to the fact that KO had to fill the whole segment by himself until Kofi came out, and that’s sometimes really tough. Luckily Kofi’s attack and the fighting worked out really well and the episode ended better than I’d hoped.


Final Flush

I cannot look at Lars without thinking of Snitsky and the doll he punted into the stands. Someone said somewhere online that Lars had to be the punted baby of Snitsky and I’ve not been able to unsee it. That being said, and no offense to Lars, I’d rather watch Snitsky. Snitsky exudes personality that Lars doesn’t seem to have at all. Obviously, this is a nature versus nurture issue and whoever caught Lars in the stands and raised him didn’t instill any of the personality that Snitsky might have passed on genetically.

Queen KB