Chris Jericho And Kenny Omega Brawl At Indie Event (Video)

AEW’s Chris Jericho made a rare appearance at an indie show on Friday … and his “Double or Nothing” opponent Kenny Omega made a surprise appearance as well.

It all went down at Southern Honor Wrestling’s Event in Canton, Georgia when Jericho interfered in a match by attacking two wrestlers with a chair.

Much to the surprise of Y2J … Kenny Omega’s music interrupted the beatdown and he attacked Jericho by hitting him in the ring with a Dragon Suplex.

Omega then gave his signature taunt to the crowd for a big pop, but he was attacked from behind by one of the local wrestlers. After he fought back, Jericho got involved again before more wrestlers hit the ring and a brawl broke out.

Watch the whole segment and Kenny Omega’s promo afterwards in the below video:


Sir Mitch Says: The Elite are masters of promoting events via social media and these appearances so stuff like this is only going to get fans more pumped for Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega part two.