Monday Night Raw (5/6/19)

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Technology is getting crazy. Apple has now taken the clock on my phone and put it on our wrist with a band! I bet 30 years ago they never would of thought that was possible!


Raw Results

McMahon to the ring, but before he can say much Reigns came to the ring and cut him off.  After some banter out came Bry with some pontification.  Then Kofi comes out for smiles and cheers.  McIntyre out to talk for himself.  McMahon makes a couple matches – Reigns vs McIntyre and Kofi vs Bry for the WWE Championship.  As Raw goes to commercial AJ comes out with mic in hand.

AJ goes off on  McMahon about how hard he worked on SD and now that he’s made it to Raw McMahon is bringing in SD guys.  Rollins out and pissed about how AJ is talking.

Corbin & Lashley defeat Rollins & Styles

Sami out with another tirade.  Strowman’s music and he comes out.  Sami flees into the crowd, so Strowman goes into the fans from the other side and chases Sami back to ringside, up the ramp and out.  The camera follows them backstage as Lucha House Party goes to the ring.  Sami is cornered caught, tossed into a dumpster.  The truck pulls up, lifts the dumpster and dumps it into the back of the truck which Strowman looks like he’s contemplating stopping it from happening, but he doesn’t.

Lucha House Party defeats jobbers

Lacey invites Naomi, Nattie, Alexa, and Dana to be ringside during her match in their formal ring attire.  They were not at all impressed.

Ricochet defeats Roode

Joe talks down to Dominic backstage.

Lacey defeats jobber with the invited superstars ringside.

Bry goes on another tirade against Kofi from backstage, his face almost as red/purple as his hoodie.

Vikings defeat Edgeheads

Rollins is quite upset that Styles punched him in the face again.

Reigns vs McIntyre ends in DQ when Shane and Elias attack Reigns.  Miz, who had been sitting in front of Shane’s office door all night came out but Shane fled.  McIntyre and Elias standing over Reigns as Shane is trying to hide from Miz backstage.  Shane hides and Miz goes running past.  Charly tried to interview Shane who flees down a flight of stairs and to his limo.  He looks in the back door but Miz attacks from behind with a chair.  Miz with the upper hand until Shane lands a low blow and flees in the limo.

Usos put icy hot in Revivals trunks and they suddenly have a reaction in the ring with the Good Brothers.  Usos offer them water which they use and only makes worse.

No Way Jose comes out all happy until Lars comes out.  Lars kills the conga line.  Jose tries to help but is no match for Lars.

Backstage McMahon is on the phone talking about only three superstars can go to each show and how he might fire any more who do it.  Lars walks in and McMahon changes his mind to four.  Lars leaves.

Kofi defeats Bry clean to retain WWE Championship