More Changes To Raw Creative Team

Ryan Callahan, former Raw head writer was fired last week, Thursday, May 2.  His release surprisingly has nothing to do with the horrible ratings, but due to issues with Dave Kapoor.  Kapoor, otherwise known as Ranjin Singh – Great Khali’s manager – thought that Callahan took creative changes too personally and because of that was difficult to work with.

This is similar to what was going on with BG James, though he was given time off to deal with his frustrations with the last minute changes after the writers would stay up to all hours and pour themselves into the scripts.

Callahan and James are not the only top writers who have left the company of late.  RD Evans very vocally quit after Bret Hart mentioned McMahon’s name in his Hall of Fame speech.  Arn Anderson was fired in February.  Dean Malenko just recently quit as a producer after being with the company for well over twenty years.  Dana Warrior was recently added to the creative team.


QD – With all these huge names leaving WWE Creative I have to wonder how long they will let Vince McMahon run roughshod over the scripts each week.  I know gone are the days that Patterson, Brisco, and McMahon  sat by the pool and wrote up the shows for a couple of months, and it’s good to delegate, but delegation means loosening the reigns some, and McMahon has only tightened the reigns more and more over the past number of years, especially tightening  the reigns on how Reigns is used.  (See what I did there?)  Anyway, with Raw being as horrible as it was last week, I’m not surprised heads are rolling, yet it’s not the right head as we all know that the shows have been a horrible mess because McMahon cannot keep his fingers out of every little thing.

After this past weekend watching the original (or as close as we could get on VHS) Star Wars movies on one TV, and the newest version of Lucas noodling in his movies with changes and additions.  I understand making the movies looking pretty the way they did, as that is wonderful, but Lucas just couldn’t seem to keep his fingers out of the movies and had to continue to change little things through the years.

It seems to me as though Lucas and McMahon have the same issues with letting go, and have this need to have their fingers in every little bit of what is seen by the fans.  The thing is that the product continues to be degraded each time they do piddling and daft little things that were perfectly good to start with.  Yes, pet peeve that I cannot let go.