More On Eli Drake’s Termination From Impact Wrestling

There have been so many rumors flying around about Eli Drake and why he was terminated from Impact Wrestling.  Impact Wrestling is calling this a breach of contract, which means that if Drake tries to sign with another wrestling company for a year he will be violating his no-compete clause.

All of this stems from Drake not wanting to work an intergender match with Tessa Blanchard after Moose decided not to do the match.  No clue why Moose garnered no heat for this and Drake was terminated, other than Drake has had heat on him since the new regime took over within Impact Wrestling.


QD – I’m in awe of all of this.  The only time I’ve heard of a no-compete clause in professional wrestling that was longer than 90 days was when Lesnar got uppity and decided he wanted to play football, so the WWE came to an agreement with him on a ten-year no-compete clause.  Of course Lesnar broke it and went to court over it and look at him now.  This isn’t a Lesnar rant, this is confusion over such a long no-compete clause.  Honestly it feels petty and vengeful.  If I was Drake I’d push the subject with them because I highly doubt Impact would spend the money to take him to court over this, but I also know most other companies won’t touch him with this over his head.  It truly feels as though Impact Wrestling has been acting nasty over this, but we only know a small part of this story.  We will continue to follow this story as information becomes available.