Another Retired Wrestler Now Mayor

Glenn Jacobs isn’t the only former wrestler who is now mayor in a southern state.  It was announced that Matt Morgan was voted in as mayor of Longwood, Florida.  This was a natural next step for Morgan after being elected to Longwood’s commission in November 2017.

On a podcast Morgan stated:

“I just got out of my Longwood City Commission meeting where your boy here at – was just voted in as the brand new mayor of Longwood, I’m very excited, fought very hard for it. Worked very hard for it. The way it works in Longwood our mayor is decided amongst our fellow commissioners. We have five that make all the decisions in Longwood and I’m one of those commissioners.

“Each year the mayorship comes up and you could vote amongst each commissioner who you want to elect, or stay with the same mayor. We had an amazing mayor before me, Ben Paris, who’s done amazing work here, but to get the unanimous five to nothing vote for mayor in just my first year and a half, my first term is insanity. Something I never fathomed.”


QD – I know a lot of people have mixed feelings on Morgan.  He thought he was treated terribly by the owner of a site I used to work for, so we were not able to write about him at all, even in results.  I, on the other hand, met Morgan and had a lovely discussion.  He was warm, endearing, and knew that I was a writer for that specific site.  Everyone I know that has met Morgan has called him strange, quirky, and the like.  I wish Morgan all the best in his new role as mayor.