Merchandise…Now Available!!

We know, we know.  It took us long enough, right?

In truth, we tried to make merchandise available earlier with a different vendor.  The problem?  The vendor arbitrarily decided that the logo was copyrighted and they disabled every purchase link on our page…


Who DOES that?  It was literally months before we figured out that nothing on the page worked.  We had no idea.  Bizarre…

Ah well.  It’s all camera cables under the ring now.  We have since crossed paths with the supremely wonderful Michael Jackson (hee hee!) at the majorly majestic merch-maker, What A Maneuver!  He is a prince of a guy (see what I did there?) who took our logo and, in relatively short order, turned Ellie’s amazing handiwork into actual merchandise that you can buy!

Don’t believe me?  Have a look!

(Click here)

Of course, we already know how incredibly cool you already are.  How could you not be?  Look at where you choose to hang out on the internet!  Still, you could be that much cooler by wearing a t-shirt, hoodie, or the like with our positively transcendent logo emblazoned on the front of it!  People will quite simply not be able to avert their gazes from you and your life will be forever changed the instant you don the clothing article you choose to purchase.

Seriously though, we have always loved our logo and we are proud to be able to make it available to the most wonderful people in the world (i.e. all of you who support us).  Give the link above a look and see what strikes your fancy.  We truly appreciate you beyond our ability to express it.