Lars Sullivan’s Social Media History Comes Back To Bite Him

It looks as though trouble is continuing to follow Lars Sullivan.  Most people knew there were a number of  Sullivan’s social media posts and certain newz sites have gone way out of their way to condemn Sullivan at every turn, but it had appeared that he’d come through mostly unscathed, until today.  A Reddit user posted a comprehensive list of posts from Sullivan.  Proof that these were his posts are in the form of a picture of himself he posted on that specific account back in 2013.

There is a whole list of his social media postings available here:



QD – I’ve only skimmed some of these postings as I don’t have a very strong stomach today.  I did not think it appropriate to post them all here.  If you want to see them, they’re all available at the link above.

In this world of such transparency, it can be hard to do anything within pop culture and not end up in trouble in some way, shape, or form.  The tiniest little comment can be taken the wrong way and land someone in hot water.  Personally, I think we are too PG for our own good, but I also don’t want to go back to the debauchery of the AE.  The WWE and most of the locker room know about Sullivan’s social media history, and it appears as though they are dealing with it internally, even though there are newz sites, one in particular, doing everything in their power to smear Sullivan and call for his release from the WWE.