You Smell Like My 10th Grade Sock Drawer

This was a really solid episode of SD Live this week. Most everyone seemed all in on their segments and matches. They worked hard and told great stories. Fingers crossed that things continue in this vein.


Sami Is Smelly!

New Day was rather harsh on Styles.  That makes me wonder if Kofi is getting edgier, or if Styles’ heel is coming out more and more. AJ was a bit more heelish on Raw this week and might be going in that direction, even though he and Rollins going face versus face would have worked out really well at MITB.

I love Kofi and Woods together, even without Big E. It’s great that Kofi has someone so strong on the mic to back him up. I am not saying Kofi’s bad on mic, just not the best of the three in their faction. Either way, this was a fun segment, though I didn’t get the comments about Sami smelling bad. It seemed like I missed something in there somewhere.


Enter Orton

I think this match was solid, but there were so many commercials that I couldn’t really follow the best of it. These two men are great, and they’re working hard to build toward their MITBLM, and I get that Orton is in the match too, and him getting involved made it, so neither lost the match, as happened on Raw the night before between McIntyre and Reigns, but we didn’t get the match leading up to Orton’s involvement. So much of that match was during commercial time, and as much as I love split-screen, it’s not enough for a match between these two. This isn’t at all how to pull the ratings up to where NBCU and FOX want them to be going into their huge deal in the fall.


New Team!

I honestly thought B-Team would be handed the SD Tag Team straps after they helped Shane recently, but Bryan and Rowan make so much sense! The SD Tag Division is really light right now, but I like Bryan and Rowan as a tag team, as long as Rowan doesn’t get hurt again.

This is probably my favorite version of the Usos. Right now they are so charismatic, fun, and come off better than ever. This makes me think of their father in some ways when he was a face and having so much fun in the ring.


Just Hand Them The Straps!

I had been wondering what would happen if the Usos had won this match, but I guess that’s not an issue. I was actually quite impressed with this match, and thrilled that we got to see most of it! The chemistry between these four was really solid, and the work was really strong. It feels like it’s been forever since we saw Rowan in the ring, but he looked solid in there if a bit heavy. I know it was harder to see his shape in the coveralls he used to wear (I have a pair of olive green linen coveralls that made last summer most comfortable, but it doesn’t show my figure at all. I think that’s what happened with Rowan.



Wonder what Waylon Mercy thinks of the nod to his brief character that Bray has been working off from for so many years. Bray has been killing these episodes of FFH, but the kids staring vacantly into space about had me on the floor laughing. So the opposite of the kids on Barney, and so great on so many levels. I love the darkness of these segments, and I’m thrilled they’re doing something so creative with Bray. Now everyone keep your fingers crossed that McMahon’s possible lack of understanding of all of of this doesn’t destroy it.


Wildcard Abuse

Shane looked really old after this segment. This fight wasn’t anything major, and while Miz is strong, this work seems to be taking its toll on Shane. Maybe Shane needs to take over for his father in the creative dept.


Backstage Glares

Of course, Bryan wants to do something with those belts; it’s who he is. I love me some Otis, but dang Tucker is almost invisible.


Not For Me!

Not sure what I think of Sonya wearing jeans in the ring. Don’t get me wrong, she looks amazing in them, but she kept having to pull them up in the back. Further, because they were so tight, it looked like leg fat sticking out of the rips. We all know that Sonya doesn’t have leg fat, so seeing it look that way makes me think it’s not right for her in the ring. They also cut her around the waist in a strange place and look just off enough.

I honestly cannot suspend my disbelief enough for Mandy to pin Ember Moon and for me to believe it. It’s just not realistic in the world I live in, and most of the time I think I’m in the same world as most of the rest of the WWE Universe.


That Chin!

Matt was in tears when he handed over those belts last week. I love R-Truth and his brainlessness, but when he tried to spear Lars and Lars didn’t move a muscle, he proved to be funny in his moves as well. I loved that little back and forth, and that R-Truth and Matt seem to be banding together against Lars. Not that it will help them much.


Black In Black

I’m liking these little videos from Black. He’s very secure in his character and what he’s saying, and it shows. He’s intimidating in that quiet, stealthy way. I’m loving him more and more, though I struggle to see him at home making breakfast with his wife. Normally there’s some inkling of something inside, but like Taker, I see none of that. Even when Sara was running around on WWE-TV with Taker, I couldn’t picture them at home doing mundane things. I get that same blocked vibe from Black, and I love it!


It Continues

Kofi has been on top of the world. I wonder if he’s stopped smiling yet. Not only did the WWE finally pull the trigger for Kofi, but they continue to do so. Not only does Kofi continue to win championship matches, but he keeps winning really good championship matches against top superstars. I love that Orton can barely stay relevant, because he really isn’t, and Kofi is at the top of SDLive. I’m in love and in awe of all of this happening. So much greatness in that man and he’s where he deserves to be after being the workhorse of the company for so long, continuing to work hard no matter where he is on the card, reminding me of Kane. They might be very opposite in a lot of ways, but when it comes to being company men who work as hard as they can no matter what their characters are doing, without a complaint trickling out of the company. Kofi absolutely deserves this as he’s worked so hard to get to where he is. Kofi is a superstar who debuted just after Stacy, and I got together, and we’ve so enjoyed watching Kofi’s WWE career unfold through our time together.


Final Flush

Last week I said that Lars had to be the baby Snitsky punted years ago, but after all that’s come out this week, I don’t think he’s Snitsky’s son. Obviously, there is the age issue, but there’s also the fact that Snitsky would never put up with that poo. Watching him on social media, Snitsky is a riot, so much fun, and happily takes pics with everyone who wants a pic with him, always with a smile on his face. While I hope Lars really had grown from when he posted those horrible things, it’s proof he’s not related to Snitsky.

Queen KB