Ashley Massaro Dead At 39

Ashley Massaro has passed away at age 39.  Ashley came onto our radar through the 2005 Raw Divas Search which she won.  From there as she trained to wrestle she became the valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick.  Massaro appeared on the cover of a 2007 Playboy which led to her biggest match, a Playboy BunnyMania LumberJill Match at WrestleMania 24 against Melina.  In 2007 she also competed on Survivor China (season 15) but was eliminated fairly early.

Massaro was scheduled to appear at Starrcast II on Double Or Nothing weekend.

There is little information on her death at this point, but what we know is that she was transported from her home in Suffolk County, New York to a local hospital where she passed away early Thursday morning.  There hasn’t been an announced cause of death, but officials state it’s being classified as a ‘non-criminal’ death.

Massaro is survived by her seventeen-year-old daughter.

We will bring you more news as soon as we get it.


QD – I had my monthly local medieval meeting to attend this evening, but when I read the first information about Ric Flair I decided to stay home as I had a gut feeling I needed to stay home.  When it was revealed that Flair’s hospital trip was scheduled I was already comfortable and still had a bad feeling, so I watched the rest of the season of Survivor I’d been watching and went back to watch Survivor China.  The first episode had just started when Mitch sent me the news that Ashley had passed.  I’m a bit freaked out as she’s not normally at the top of our list of favorite Divas (she was very much a Diva, and I’m not saying that in a bad way) but I always liked her.  I think I felt a bit of a kinship with her because other than not having as many tattoos as I’d like, I used to dress almost exactly like Ashley.  Seeing her out in the rain forest in China in her heavy leather boots with spikes and buckles makes me want to pull mine out of the closet.  I just always liked her and hoped she succeeded in everything she did.  My heart is a bit broken tonight.

All our love and support goes out to Massaro’s family, friends, and fans.  RIP Ashley Massaro.