Bliss Not Cleared For Ring Work

The WWE had been banking on Alexa Bliss being cleared to work the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at the Money In The Bank PPV, but that didn’t happen.  Bliss is not able to work the MITBLM at the MITB PPV, so as she did on Raw this week, Nikki Cross will take her place.

UPDATE:  Sadly, it is said to be concussion-related.  We’re still digging and if that reasoning is confirmed, we’ll update further.


QD – I feel horrible for Bliss!  She’s really struggled with being cleared to work the ring, and while she’s done an amazing job with Moment of Bliss, but we all know she wants to be working the ring more than anything.  Bliss is an amazing young woman who stands for so much and wants to be a role model for young girls and women who might be struggling with eating disorders of their own.  She’s so much more than a tiny blonde mean girl heel and I hope she gets cleared soon.  Then there’s Nikki who has been wallowing in post-NXT purgatory with mad skills that could really be great on either show.  This could very well be her chance as we know she will go all out in this match.  I’ll admit that I changed my prediction on this match after this change.