Lio Rush Has Made Changes to His Social Media Accounts

Lio Rush has removed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) from his social media accounts in every conceivable way.  In place of those mentions, he’s added “”.  Of course, we’re all aware of the trouble he’s been in for a while now.  Some in WWE are none too thrilled that he’s been having his wife accompany his wife accompany him backstage to rehearsals and apparently, his ego is also of some concern.  There was also the issue of WWE offering him money to renew his deal, only for Rush to ask for double the amount to actually sign it.  Apparently, all of this together has caused WWE to shelve Lio.  He hasn’t been seen by Bobby Lashley’s side in a while and is not on the European tour either.

No definitive word on whether or not he’ll materialize again on WWE television, though there is word going around that he’ll get a hard reset for NXT television.


Botch Take:  When this story surfaced, I asked to do it. We were talking a bit backstage before I mentioned to our Queen what I was gonna do and she didn’t stop me so here we go.  The energy directed at slamming Lio for his ego absolutely tickles me in all ways pink.  Those doing it are being uncomfortably selective.  Let’s go back to 2002, shall we?  When Randy Orton showed up on WWE’s shores, he was full of ego.  He was impossible to deal with.  Yet, Vince stuck by him because he had the support of Triple H., Ric Flair, and Batista.  Further, he had that last name.  Our Queen mentioned that and she’s absolutely right.  Heck, he’s even had multiple wellness violations.  Yet, he’s still here.  He’s even gone on to have one heck of a career.  Yet, Lio’s ego is “out of control” or whatever and he’s just got to go, gosh darn it!  Where was all that energy back in 2002, WWE?  I mean…if you’re gonna do it to Lio, you should have done it to Randy too, yeah?  

Apparently not.

Lio Rush was an absolute beast on the indies (PWG, CZW, MCW, etc.).  He wasn’t really that much of a talker but he had the ring work of someone far older and more experienced than he really is.  I can’t think of another worker (save maybe Cedric Alexander & ACH) who can match his speed.  He’s also incredibly crisp and it’s a pleasure to watch that kind of athleticism.  He started cutting promos in WWE because he needed to…and he was great at it!  He had it from the very beginning.  He actually made Bobby Lashley interesting while they were together.  All we need to do is look back at Bobby’s promo from two weeks ago to see just how desperately Lashley needs a mouthpiece…and Lio was perfect in that regard.  He never ran out of material and that ego that WWE apparently can’t stand made the whole thing work.  

In short, shame on WWE for not extending the same mercy to Lio as they did to Orton.  Lio is, again, an incredible worker in every area and, even if it takes some time for him to sit on the sidelines while his deal expires, he’ll be an asset wherever he goes next.  He’s likely better off out of WWE’s double standard-ridden ecosystem.