Wrestle Royalty Predicts…Money in the Bank 2019

Here, ye, hear, ye.  The Royals of Wrestle Royalty are at it again – this time pontificating, elaborating on, and predicting what promises to be an amazing Money in the Bank PPV!  Read along with what we have to say…and predict along with us!  Vote in the polls following each match!


WWE Championship Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. AJ Styles

Queen KB: I love Seth Rollins. He was great as Tyler Black in ROH and when he made it to the WWE he took the ball and ran with it. I love him in the ring and on mic, and love to hate him when he’s a heel. Rollins is the epitome of Champion in the WWE and carries it beautifully. Now, I could say all those same things about AJ Styles, and he truly is the epitome of Champion in the WWE and carries it beautifully. I had hoped for this being a face versus face match, but AJ has slowly started turning heelish, and doing a great job of it. AJ has been a face for quite a while, so his turn is not surprising, and it’s been very eloquent. Simple, slow, careful turn, adding more excitement to this feud. The thing is that it’s just too soon for Rollins to drop the strap he just won. Therefore, like most, if not all the other championship matches on this card, I think the champion will retain – for now.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Seth Rollins


Baron Botch:  This will be a fun match – no question about that.  They will work and work hard.  Their chemistry will be fantastic and they’ll tell a great story.  The story that led up to this match has been lackluster to say the least.  I’m only sold on this because I know how great it will be.  Perhaps that’s what WWE banks on too.  If so, I can’t be mad at it.  Seth just got the title.  He’s not going to give it up this fast.

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Seth Rollins


Duke Dre: Christmas has come early this year apparently. Didn’t think we’d be getting this marquee match up until either Summerslam or WrestleMania next year but here we are. This one has all the makings for something truly special and I think it will be. The one thing I’m worried about here is that the men’s winner of the MITB match may actually cash in here just to protect both AJ and Seth. But I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it won’t happen and we’ll get a clean finish. I got Seth going over AJ clean in a highly competitive back and forth bout

The Winner – Seth Rollins


Sovereign S.A.M: Let us just sit back and enjoy that we are getting AJ Styles versus Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship on WWE programming. That is something that many of us would not have seen coming years ago because it looked like AJ would never make his way to WWE. The buildup for this match has been interesting because AJ has been the one to dive into the heel side where Seth has been more of the face. AJ was a heel during his first run with the WWE Championship, but they eventually had to turn him face because the fans just love his in-ring work so much that they cannot boo him. This is a match that I am trying not to get my expectations up too high because it could lead me to disappointment if the match doesn’t match those high expectations. I do expect a very good match and for both of these men to try and steal the show.

The Winner and STILL Universal Champion: Seth Rollins


Sir Mitch:  I LOVED that they mentioned Seth’s match with AJ in the Indies when AJ was starting to gain international fame in TNA while Seth was just starting out in the biz. For those not in the know, after the match, a very impressed AJ grabbed the microphone and cut a shoot promo saying that he thought he had just worked with a future megastar and put him over strong.

Usually, WWE tries to avoid acknowledging the fact that wrestling even exists outside of their bubble at all cost, but now and then they make an exception in the name of good storytelling.

These two are incapable of not having a great match together, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an inconclusive finish to this match that will hopefully set up another between these two.

The Result: Draw or DQ/count-out


Magnate Mat:  In a perfect world, this match should excite any wrestling fan. A main event on any show, including WrestleMania…but with the very lackluster RAWs that have been presented lately, a match that should be a marquis event is just “meh”. Taking that out of it, Rollins and Styles are easily some of the best performers of this generation, both had varying roads to WWE, and both have been champions previously and have shown they can carry the banner of WWE very well. This will be a good match, it would be hard for these two men to NOT have a good to great match, but Rollins comes out on top here but I dont expect that will be the end of it

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion – Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles

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WWE Championship Match
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Kevin Owens

Queen KB: I’m really looking forward to seeing Kofi and KO face off, and I know Sami and Xavier will be ringside to help their friends. Not sure how I feel about Sami and KO being back together because it’s not good for Sami, but I see why they did it as Kofi has a solid person backing him. This will be a fantastic brawl, and could easily steal the show, but when the dust settles, Kofi will still be the WWE Champion as it’s just too early for him to drop it.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Kofi Kingston


Baron Botch:  As we know, this one didn’t exactly go as planned.  Kevin’s heel turn happened faster than it was supposed to and before this happened, we were supposed to get a Kofi/Daniel rematch.  Bryan got injured and was out long enough that they had to turn Kevin heel rather quickly.  It was so fast that the flow wasn’t particularly natural.  Still, Kevin has totally made it work and now he’s back to the slime he was when he arrived from NXT.  I like Kevin in all of his forms but he’s at his most fun here.  Kofi is, of course, amazing.  I’m so glad he’s had the chance to show us what he’s got.  I’m also glad that the New Day hasn’t split up.  There was no need for that to happen and WWE seems to agree.  Kofi’s run hasn’t been that long and I think he needs another meaningful title defense so…

P.S.:  Superstar Billy Graham is a loser at life.

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Kofi Kingston


Duke Dre: I figured this would end up being Kofi’s first title defense once Daniel Bryan differed that I just scare shorty after Mania. While turning KO back heel again was plan B, it was executed very well, I’ve really enjoyed this feud thus far. I love this version of KO and I love the intensity that Kofi has shown in all of this while still maintaining the fun loving aspect of his character. I don’t think this is time for Kofi to drop the title so I think he’s successful here in his 1st PPV title defense

The Winner – Kofi Kingston


Sovereign S.A.M:  I do not think you could have asked for a better opponent for Kofi’s first program after winning the WWE Championship. We all knew it was a matter of time before Owens went back to being a heel and it was a great turn. It was fun seeing face Owens, but he really excels at being a heel. I love that they have finally moved on from Kofi’s moment and are now trying to make him look like a person that is deserving of being WWE Champion. I will be interested to see how they book this match because I feel like they will make Kofi play a bit of the underdog role, but I hope they don’t go overboard with it. He is the champion after all and he should be booked as such. This should be a fun match and I fully expect it to be great.

The Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Kofi Kingston


Sir Mitch:  Duke Dre is going to hate my guts for saying this, but it does feel like Kofi has lost steam as WWE Champion. It does sadly feel like one of those situations where seeing someone chase the title is WAY more entertaining the seeing someone hold it. I also kind of agree with Jim Ross (again, sorry Dre) about Kofi being held back a bit by still being part of New Day. Being World Champion is very much a solo act. Yes, you can lead a stable of workers as World Champ…but being World Champ the supposed top star in the biz while being equals in a stable with mid-carders just doesn’t work!

However, with all that being said, I don’t see Kofi losing the Title in his first defense.

Winner: Kofi Kingston


Magnate Mat:  Kofi’s story paid off HUGE at WrestleMania, KofiMania was in full effect and in a heck of a match, Kingston won the WWE title, but the world keeps spinning and when you’re the champ, you have a target.  A returning Kevin Owens, sliding in as a replacement for the injured Big E, did what KO does, and stab his “friends” in the back.  This is Owens in his natural habitat, furious, raging, and ready to pound his opponent into the ground. Kofi has proven to be a solid champ so far and I expect him to retain, but KO will not go quietly

WINNER AND STILL WWE Champion – Kofi Kingston


Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens

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Raw Women’s Championship Match
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lacey Evans

Queen KB:  There is no question in my mind that Lynch needs to remain as Becky Two Belts. It’s a great monicker for her, and they need to capitalize on that financially through her new shirts and other merch. We have seen how bad Bryan’s returning merch has faired since he turned heel. It’s not going to stop me from wearing my YES! hoodie, even though it’s disintegrating. That being said, I’m excited to see this match. I know Lacey can go in the ring, no matter how much Mitch likes to complain, and so I expect this to be a solid match. I love the huge difference between their character, physical builds, and ring styles. They are very different women, but I think that no matter how dirty Lacey fights in this match, and we all know she will fight dirty, she won’t be able to overcome Becky just yet. Now, Lacey might win this match via DQ because of fighting dirty and possibly setting Becky off, but in the end Becky will retain her Raw Women’s Championship.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Becky Two Belts


Baron Botch:  The rocket pack has been strapped to Lacey.  She’s done quite well with it so far.  She’s impeccably-dressed slime and I absolutely love it.  Her finisher, the Woman’s Right, is perfectly named.  She really has been a lot of fun.  Of course, who among us doesn’t love The Man?  The storyline that got us here played out on TV as well as on Twitter and it’s been really well-done, though Lacey is in waters far too deep for her on Twitter.  If you aren’t following The Man on Twitter, you are missing out BIG TIME.  She is simply undefeated in that environment.  She dines on her foes with fava beans and a nice chianti.  The result is just breathtaking to watch.  She never misses.  All of this has gotten me into this match.  I’m totally here for it.  As for who wins, Lacey is still too new to get the belt this quick.

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Becky 2 Belts


Duke Dre:  This is another one that I’m looking forward too. Lacey has intrigued me quite a bit since WWE has allowed her to do more then just walk up and down the ramp. She’s held her own on twitter against Becky and seems to have fully embraced her gimmick. She’s the complete opposite of the modern women Becky is and this is why this feud works for me.

I’m not quite sure where on the card this match ends up or if it’s before or after Becky defends the Smackdown title against Charlotte or not so I’m gonna assume that this match goes first. Becky retains here.

The Winner – Becky Lynch


Sovereign S.A.M:  The rumors ended up being true and Lacey Evans received a huge push after Wrestlemania. I was worried at first because I wasn’t sure if she was ready, but she has sure showed me. She has been stellar on the mic and has been able to hang with Becky Lynch at every turn. Becky has two belts going in to MITB so conventional wisdom would say that she might lose one of the belts. Becky is also pulling double duty so one match will definitely lead into the other as far as story goes so I expect this one to go on first because I believe they have said in the buildup, but I could be wrong. This is Lacey’s moment to prove the haters wrong that think she doesn’t deserve this, and I fully expect her to do so.

The Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch


Sir Mitch:  As I’ve said on our Dignified Discussions, Lacey Evens gimmick really rubs me the wrong way. The look, as well as the language in her promos, gives me regressive 1950’s America vibes. It honestly feels like something out of the Juliann Moore film Far From Heaven. I know the character is meant to be a satire of some kind, but it doesn’t come off that way, and I feel like it sets a poor example.

As far as Lacey’s in-ring work, I admit she has improved since her NXT days. But she is still WAY too green to be given a title run. But, I fear as Vince is a HUGE fan of her work she may go over.

However, given how insanely over Becky is right now, I can’t see Becky losing the Raw strap right now since Raw seems to be her home brand now moving forward.

Winner: Becky Lynch


Magnate Mat:  I don’t understand WHY Lacey Evans is in this match, especially when the RAW womens roster has performers that have yet to get a title opportunity. Charlotte 2.0 isn’t doing herself any favors with her retro pinup bit and lackluster in ring performance, especially after doing nothing but walking out on stage for 4-6 weeks. Lynch should dispose of this mess in short order, it might even be the shortest match of the night.



Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans

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Smackdown Live! Women’s Championship Match
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

Queen KB:  Of all the people on this card, these two know each other the best. This will be a hard-hitting match. In knowing each other these two work the ring that much stiffer together. I worry about that leading to injury, but they are consummate professionals which is big when they face off one on one. I have to say I’m also worried about Becky taking on these two much larger blonde women, but if anyone can do it, it’s Becky Two Belts. As I said before, it’s too early for Becky to lose either belt. She’s at the top of the company, one of the best things on WWE TV right now, and she needs to keep these belts and her momentum.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Becky Two Belts


Baron Botch:  This one I can do without.  I’m sure they’ll put on a very good match like they always do; I’m just bored with the match.  We’ve seen it repeatedly.  They’re really going to have to work hard to sell me on this one.  The outcome?  This is trickier.  If this match comes first among The Man’s title defenses, Charlotte can afford to lose.  If it’s the second match, she kinda can’t.  It’d make her look too weak.  Still, I think there’s more mileage to be had out of Becky 2 Belts so…

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Becky 2 Belts


Duke Dre:  While this match-up is stale, I will say here is that these two always deliver against each other and this will be no different. This one will feature a swerve. Becky gets cashed in on during this bout by the women’s MITB winner: Bayley.  My winning luck here is Bayley along with a much needed revamp of her character.

The Winner – Bayley via MITB cash-in


Sovereign S.A.M:  If there is one thing that WWE does every generation, it is run a matchup straight into the ground. It would be amazing if these two could avoid each other for some time because we have had too much of this over the last year. This has quickly become the Cena/Orton rivalry and one I cannot wait to move on from. I hope this match will be the last match between these two for some time because we need a break from Charlotte versus Becky. With all that in mind, this should be a good match because it is very hard for these two to have a bad one. I expect this match to go on after the Lacey/Becky one, so I think that will play in to who comes out on top.

The Winner and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair


Sir Mitch:  As I said in my women’s MITB match prediction, I really hope WWE puts new people at the forefront of their women’s division. So to that end, I hope this is the last time we Becky vs. Charlotte for a good long while.

That also means Charlotte simply cannot go over as like I said, the division needs new faces in the forefront for a while. But at the same time, I don’t think Becky can remain double champion for very long. So how to book this match in a way that gets the title of Becky while keeping her looking strong and ensuring Charlotte looks strong while also booking her out of the title picture for a while?

This is one of the most ingenious parts of MITB, in my opinion. Its the perfect get out of jail free card when WWE has booked themselves into a hole. My prediction is that Bayley will cash in her MITB contract mid-match after Becky and Charlotte have come close to killing each other in an even fight, and she picks up the scraps.

Winner:  Bayley (via MITB cash-in)


Magnate Mat:  The rivalry that just won’t die. I understand that the WWE wants Charlotte in a prime position, we get it, but its being done at the expense of the rest of the roster, especially on SD where both Asuka and Ember Moon haven’t done much of any consequence. Charlotte might actually win this so Lynch can focus on RAW.

WINNER AND NEW SD Live Women’s Champ – Charlotte Flair


Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

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Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Finn Balor, Ali, Andrade, Sami Zayn, Randy Orton

Queen KB:  There are a number of great men in this match, two of which could make this MITBLM into something we’ve never seen. Both Ali and Ricochet are crazy high fliers who can do things in the ring that so few can, and they will continue to change what ladder match means, so I’m more excited about this match more than any other men’s match on the card. This MITBLM could be the best we’ve ever seen, but only one man can win and I sadly think that Ali and Ricochet are too new to win this – though I hope I’m wrong as I’d love to see Ali go after Kofi and give us an epic match. The same could be said for Ricochet going after Rollins, but we all know that there’s a huge chance that Kofi or Rollins are not champion when this contract is cashed in. Looking at the rest of the guys in this match, I understand why so many people think it will be Andrade Flair winning it, but I have someone I think is most ready for the push to the top and I picked him to win the Royal Rumble. Heck, I picked this guy to win the Royal Rumble Match during his first run with the company, and he didn’t even end up in that Royal Rumble Match! So, anyone who remembers my previous picks (probably only David Jr. as he remembers everything) knows, I’m sticking with this guy even though I truly didn’t think he had it back in the day. Yes, I’m talking about Drew McIntyre. I think it’s absolutely his time, and I’d love to see him cash in on Rollins!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Drew McIntyre


Baron Botch:  This will likely be the moment where Drew really begins to matter.  Few are as obsessed with wrestling as he is and few have his natural gifts.  He’s been caught up with Baron & Lashley for far too long and here’s where I think he’ll break out.

THE WINNAH!!! – Drew McIntyre


Duke Dre:  I’m absolutely loving the collection of individuals in this match. Between Sami, Ricochet and Ali alone, we are going to be in store for some sick spots. Corbin will serve as the ultimate heat magnet in this match.  The threat of him winning this will keep fans of edge.  McIntyre will serve as the badass who’s bent on not just winning but wanting to cripple anybody in his path, Balor will swerve as the veteran fan favorite, Andrade will serve as the stooge heel while Orton will be there to provide that highlight reel RKO.

I narrowed my selection down three guys (Sami, Andrade & Corbin). I’ve gone back and forth on those three and I think a strong case could be made for any of those guys but I’ve ultimately settled on Andrade. Vince is high on him as are most fans. I also think Andrade will be the guy to take the title off of Kofi before the Summer is over.

The Winner – Andrade


Sovereign S.A.M:  Once the participants from both brands were announced, the choice was rather easy for me and one I think makes the most sense. I know people think it will be Drew McIntyre, but his character isn’t about something sneaky like a cash-in and more like something along the lines of winning the Royal Rumble. Sami Zayn being added does add a nice wrinkle to this and he could very well be the dark horse in this because of that late addition. If the WWE really wanted to troll the IWC, they would have Baron Corbin win, but I think he will be taken out of the equation during the match, so he won’t have a chance to win. With all this in mind, I think the choice is rather obvious who will win this and who will benefit the most from a cash-in.

The Winner: Andrade


Sir Mitch:  I have two immediate thoughts regarding this year’s Men’s MITB match:

1. The talents involved ensures an exciting big high spot filled match.

2. The number of flips that will take place in this match will make one of its participants  (Randy Orton) a little grumpy LOL.

Seriously though, we all expect this match to deliver big, and I’m quite sure who the winner will be believe it or not. Before Kofimania caught fire, Mustafa Ali was the one originally to face Bryan at Mania as planned. But, injury ensured Kofi Kingston and the other members of the New Day got their WrestleMania moment. But now that Ali is back and healthy…I expect that those plans have been put back on the table.

Winner:  Ali


Magnate Mat: Money In the Bank matches are WILD and fun and one of the best things on the WWE calendar. Wrestlers like Ricochet and Sami Zayn are no stranger to ladder matches, Drew has been on an upward trajectory, Baron Corbin WON last years MITB match and failed in his cash in, and Andrade is the wild card here. Expect a dynamic contest which might dictate the future of the WWE for the next year. Tough to pick a winner here as I don’t think Corbin gets it again, McIntyre is just too unweildy to succeed here and Balor doesn’t need the win as he has the Intercontinental Championship, so that leaves 3 competitors

Winner – Sami Zayn (and I can see him cashing in on Kevin Owens if KO wins the title)


Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Men's

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Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Nikki Cross, Naomi, Natalya, Dana Brooke, Bayley, Mandy Rose, Ember Moon, Carmella

Queen KB:  I was going with Dana as the winner of this MITBLM, but Bliss isn’t cleared to work the ring and Nikki Cross has taken her slot. Now, I get why the WWE booked Bliss for this match, but it was a long shot and they need Bliss healthy and not rushed. This is horrible for Bliss but great for Nikki and all her fans. I’m a huge fan of Nikki and a huge fan of Dana, and had picked Dana to win this, but Botch gave me the time to change before posting and as much as I love Dana Brooke, and I hope she wins this, I have to go with Nikki as she’s a force that we know can go, and who better than the newest in the Women’s Division? Nikki has something we’ve never seen on WWE TV and they need to run with her as she’s amazing! Sorry Dana, I have to go into the darkness.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Nikki Cross


Baron Botch:  This should be a lot of fun as, contrary to what some might say, ALL of them can go.  Money in the Bank has always been about “breaking out”.  I picked Drew to break out on the Men’s MITB and, without reservation, I’m going with Ember Moon to break out here.  She’s done next to nothing since her call-up from NXT and this is her time to matter.  She also has the greatest finisher in WWE right now.  It looks absolutely vicious and graceful all at the same time.

THE WINNAH!!! – Ember Moon


Duke Dre:  From the moment this match was announced this has only been about two women for me, Bayley and Ember Moon. Bayley is long overdue for a character revamp and this would be the perfect opportunity to pull the trigger on that. With Ember it feels like she’s been spinning her circles on the main roster. Not that she’s been buried or anything like that but it feels like creative has placed her on the back burner for a while until they are done deal taking care of the higher priorities in the women’s division, she’s long overdue for something and again this would be the perfect tone to pull the trigger with her. I’d really like to see Moon pick up the briefcase here but my brain is telling me Bayley. Bayley gets the briefcase on Sunday and cashes in on Becky during her match with Charlotte this turning heel in the process.

The Winner – Bayley


Sovereign S.A.M:  You would think that because I write for Raw that I would be rooting for one of the women from Raw to win but I don’t think Raw will take it this year. I think this year someone from Smackdown will win since Alexa Bliss won last year. With that, I eliminate half of the competitors from my decision, but I still am torn over who I will choose. I have broken it down to either Bayley or Mandy Rose and a case can be made for either. The MITB briefcase is something that is tailormade for a character like Mandy Rose and it is no secret that VKM is a huge fan of hers. Then we have Bayley who has shown a bit more aggression of late and this could be the thing that puts her over the edge. I think they could do something like they did with Edge when he won MITB and that could make her character very interesting. It is a hard decision, but I think it might end up being the right one.

The Winner: Bayley


Sir Mitch:  I hope this years MITB match for the women produces one result and one result only…a women’s division that doesn’t revolve around Charlotte or Alexa Bliss!

For several years now those are the two Women who have been given the most pushes, screen time and title runs in WWE. Yes, there have been a few title runs from different in-between from Women like Sasha, Bayley, Nia, Carmella, and Asuka who were all given half-hearted or poorly booked pushes. Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch are the only real notable exceptions (and only the former was supposed to get as big as she did).

But Charlotte and Alexa have always been in the forefront of WWE’s stacked women’s division for several years now, and as much as they are insanely talented and deserving of everything they have been given…fresh faces and feuds are LONG overdue!

As for who I think is going over, as much as I would like to see someone like Naomi or Ember win it, her recent Twitter interactions with Becky Lynch as well as the whole drama of Sasha and the women’s tag titles makes me think a more hard-nosed Bayley is walking away with the briefcase.

Winner:  Bayley


Magnate Mat: The women have been putting on great MITB matches since they have been given the opportunity and I expect the same here. Alexa won last year and cashed in that very night so I wouldn’t expect to see that again. Dana Brooke has been included reportedly because Sasha Banks is currently not participating in WWE programming, and it’s pretty wide open. I think the women want to push the envelope at MITB and all of these women are more than capable of doing so. This is the one match I will put some foolish hope in and I think Ember Moon, who’s been dealing with some injuries and appears to be back healthy, will show the WWE audience at large that she is a STAR

Winner – Ember Moon


Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Women's

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Roman Reigns vs. Elias

Queen KB:  This is the perfect time for Reigns to actually lose a PPV match. If they push him the way they pushed him previously, the fans will quickly turn on him again. Further, I’m thrilled that Elias is in an actual storyline, not just singing and getting cut off by everyone under the sun. I do believe it will be a dirty win with either Shane or any of his stooges helping Elias get the win.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Elias


Baron Botch:  Elias’ impact has been greatly lessened lately and he’s losing his luster.  I mean…I still love him but he’s rapidly losing what’s made him special thus far.  I have on desire to see him continue as Shane’s henchman.  He also loses every match he’s in and regardless of the whether this is fake or not, wins and losses do matter a bit.  Elias just has to win one at some point.  Sadly, it won’t be this one.

THE WINNAH!!! – Roman Reigns


Duke Dre:  On paper this seems like a big step down for Roman and/or a lopsided match up on paper but I think he’s here to:

1. Keep him out of the title picture for awhile
2. To help elevate Elias.

For that second reason alone, I’m picking Elias to go over here.  It won’t be clean but I do feel he’ll get the win with some assistance from Shane McMahon which sets up a Roman/Shane match down the line.

The Winner – Elias


Sovereign S.A.M:  This is a feud I never saw coming and one that I have actually been engaged with from the start. Roman is fully in the midcard right now and I think that is where he should be since he is coming back from battling leukemia. Elias has held his own throughout this so far and this feud is exactly what he needed. Elias was doing absolutely nothing on Raw and this has really brought my interest in him back up from where it was. This match is actually tricky to predict because both men can eat a loss and recover from it, so it makes choosing a winner that more difficult. I have gone back and forth in deciding who I think will win and can very well make a case for either man.

The Winner: Elias


Sir Mitch:  I’m honestly surprised Roman wasn’t put into the MITB match quite frankly. But it seems like Vince and co are deciding to take it slow with Roman’s inevitable return to WWE’s main event scene. Which is probably the smart move because let’s face it, fans are cheering Joe the person, not Roman Reigns the WWE created character that rubbed nearly everyone the wrong way.

I’ve never been big on Elias, and I don’t expect him to get much of a rub from putting Roman over in this match.

Winner:  Roman Reigns


Magnate Mat:  So Roman is back, and Elias is fairly entertaining. Im not sure how this match will shake out because it seems like the WWE wants Elias to be a “star”, but Roman is still Roman. Both men are extremely physical, Elias has a meanness to his style that works well for a guy who looks like a train hobo and Roman has always performed well when called upon. I think this might the one time Elias gets one on Roman…..maybe.

Winner – Elias


Roman Reigns vs. Elias

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Steel Cage Match
Shane McMahon vs. The Miz

Queen KB:  I’m not at all surprised by this, but I am annoyed. Miz is better than feuding with a McMahon, and this is very AE. That being said, Shane can go in the ring better than his father ever could. Further, the reason this is a Cage Match is because it gives Shane something to jump of from, because we all should be jumping off high ledges when we are almost fifty. Now, fifty isn’t as old as it used to be to me, but it’s still not the smartest thing to do and Shane looks more and more abused each time he does it. I am honestly not sure how many more jumps he has in his tank. That being said, I see Shane employing his boys around the ring to try to screw Miz, but I see Miz winning this one in the end. I just have a gut feeling that Miz will win this one, no matter who else gets involved. Then hopefully he can move on to feuding with a wrestler on the roster and not the boss. I’d have no issue with Miz feuding with Shane and facing one of Shane’s stooges, but Shane should stick to one to two PPV matches a year, not all the PPVs.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – The Miz


Baron Botch:  I couldn’t care less about Shane McMahon as a heel.  He’s just awful at it.  He just won’t get mean enough and it feels like he’s not into it.  Every time he does something mean, he just doesn’t seem mean enough.  As a result, I don’t care.  I dearly love The Miz so the fact that this isn’t working for me isn’t his fault; this is all Shane’s.  Shane is MUCH better as a face.  Shane will jump from something far too high and too dangerous.  Think Mick Foley with better hair.  Oh, and Miz will avenge his loss and his dad so this angle can end.

THE WINNAH!!! – The Miz


Duke Dre:  I really enjoyed their match at WrestleMania this past April and outside of Kofi/Bryan it was the best match on the card. I’m confident that Miz and Shane will be able to duplicate the quality of the match with another one of these gimmick matches. I think this will probably the last time to these cross paths before Shane turns his undivided attention to Smackdown for the foreseeable future. With that said I think Miz gets his redemption to wrap up this near six-month angle.

The Winner – The Miz


Sovereign S.A.M:  I did not think that this rivalry would last as long as it has and here we are with another match between these two. Their match at Wrestlemania was one of my favorites and I can totally expect more of the same here. Shane always excels when a match is chaotic and all over the place, so I expect this match to be more of that. I have enjoyed the Miz’s face run so far and I think this match will help further the turn. Shane loves to do crazy things, so I totally expect him to go flying off the cage at some point during the match. The only question is whether the Miz will join him like he did at Wrestlemania. I could see either man coming out with the win here, but I will go with the one that makes the most sense to me.

The Winner: The Miz



Seriously, this weird random storyline between Shane and Miz that’s been going on for over six months now, and there still seems to be no end in sight!

I really hope that Miz wins clean in this cage match so we can finally see Miz move on to something different.

Winner:  The Miz


Magnate Mat:  Said it before WrestleMania and I’ll say it again, this has been a very low key entertaining feud which has led to some decent matches so far. It’s bought a different side of The Miz out and it has let Shane be the “bad guy”, which is what he is good at. Their Falls Count Anywhere match at Mania was one of the better of the evening, and a steel cage match seems to be the natural progression.

Winner – The Miz


Shane McMahon vs. The Miz

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United States Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Queen KB:  I adore Rey Rey and have adored him since I first saw him in WCW, but he has no chance against Joe, nor should he look like he has a chance against him. Joe should continue being pushed as an unbeatable force, especially against Rey. Honestly, I don’t get this feud, and think it’s a huge mistake for both superstars. Therefore Joe needs to win this match and go on to feud with someone more his size, on his level.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Samoa Joe


Baron Botch:  This is another one I don’t care as much about as I should.  It’s not Joe’s fault and it’s really not Rey’s either.  It’s just the idea itself.  Dominic’s involvement has been half-hearted at best and I just can’t get into it.  They had the chance to make this absolutely evil (a la “Oh, WEEEEENDYYYYY!!!!) and they didn’t do it.  Maybe some of that will play out here.  As for who wins, it absolutely has to be…

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Samoa Joe


Duke Dre:  I’m still having a hard time picking a winner in this one. This almost feels more like a Segway into Dominik debuting soon. He’s been in the center of all of this so I’m sure he’ll get involved in this one in some capacity. I’m picking Joe to win here by DQ by baiting Dominic into attacking him. I’m gonna toss out an off the wall prediction here. I think we get a Dominic vs Joe match very soon. Anybody remember when Santino or Carlito won gold in their first match on the roster? Well I could see a scenario play out like that here aswell with Rey’s son.

The Winner – Samoa Joe via DQ


Sovereign S.A.M:  I feel like this match will be the match we would have gotten at Wrestlemania but were unable to because Rey unfortunately injured his ankle. Joe is one of the best talents right now and you get invested in everything he does because he is that good on the mic and in the ring. Rey is defying age by being able to be as good in the ring as he is right now. I could see Rey’s son playing a role somewhere during this match, but I could also see them holding out on that if they feel he isn’t ready for that type of thing. I think this is a sleeper and could steal the show because both men have it in them to do that. This really is a toss up for me in picking the winner, but I will have to go with my gut on this one.

The Winner and STILL US Champion:  Samoa Joe


Sir Mitch:  These two might have had the sleeper hit of WrestleMania this year had Rey not tweaked his ankle a week before the show. The resulting easy match we got at the show of shows was a mere tease of what these two could do together in the ring. I’ve actually liked the inclusion of Rey’s son Dominic in this feud as it adds that extra layer to a story that feels underdeveloped and I would not be shocked if he got involved in the match in some way as he’s been training with Lance Storm for the last few months.

As much as many expect to see Rey go over here, I think Joe will come out on top in this one as he needs to be booked strong after a lot of 50/50 booking and time off due to injuries have stifled his main roster run.

Winner:  Samoa Joe


Magnate Mat: Samoa Joe is one of the best in professional wrestling, even better when he’s involved in a story where he can be a totally disrespectful dirtbag….and this is one of those stories. Rey Mysterio (who really shouldn’t be in title matches anymore) has walked in front of Joe and involved his son Dominic, who was once involved in a very questionable paternity storyline, is now involved in this one, and he’s training to be a wrestler presently. I expect Joe to dominate this match and hopefully choke out Dominic, because that would be entertaining to me

Winner AND STILL US Champion:  Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

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SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The New Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. The Usos

Queen KB:  I had been calling for the WWE to pull a top superstar and someone else to win the Tag Team Championship. It’s a great way to keep top guys in rotation, wearing gold, and add interest to the Tag Division. I’m loving Bryan and Rowan with the SD Tag Championship for that reason, and as great as the Usos are, Bryan and Rowan need to retain and continue this blossoming feud as all four of them are great in the ring and on mic – if they ever let him talk! Anyway, this will be a stellar match, but Bryan and Rowan will retain and this feud will continue.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Baron Botch:  Finally!  Someone new for the Usos to play with.  I never would have imagined Bryan & Rowan as Tag champs but I’m not mad at it.  They’ve been fun in this role so far.  The Usos are forever great in the ring so this should be a really fun match.  Of course, Bryan and Rowan just got the belts so…

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Duke Dre:  I really like the move of putting the Smackdown tag titles on Daniel Bryan and Rowan. For starters, It keeps Bryan in a prominent spot while also protecting him going forward so he doesn’t have to take so many bumps. It also will give another tag team a nice rub when they eventually drop the titles. The Usos are the perfect first opponents for the vegans that we love the hate.  Bryan and Rowan retaining is almost a given it won’t stop this match from being one of the highlights of the nights.

The Winner – Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Sovereign S.A.M:  This is a late addition to the card and I am not sure how I feel about it. This is a match that is only coming about because of the new “Wild Card Rule” and that really is it. The match they had on Smackdown was great, so I do expect more of the same from this one. The Usos are my favorite tag team right now so it is nice to see them get a spot on Money in the Bank. I do wish it was against the Revival because that is where most of their time has been spent. I think the Revival will play a factor here and if they don’t, that is a wasted opportunity.

The Winners:  The New Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Sir Mitch:  This one is pretty random, but with the bizarre wildcard rule, we should expect random inter-brand matches like this. The match itself should be very good though given the people involved, but it won’t really matter who goes over.

…so I’m just going to go with Bryan and Rowen for this one.

Winner: The New Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Magnate Mat:  Relegated BACK to the preshow, the Usos always turn in a great performance but now against brand new opponents in the former WWE Champion and his big ginger sidekick. This might be better than people think and it doesn’t need a ton of buildup as all 4 men are extremely athletic and it should be a fun kickoff match……but I expect The Usos to get those titles back so they can slide back into a rivalry with the New Day once the WWE takes the title off of Kofi way too soon

WINNER AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – The Uuuuuuuuuusooooooooos


The New Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

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Cruiserweight Championship
Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari

Queen KB:  I love the Daivari brothers. They have been faves of mine since I first saw the older brother at a house show before he debuted on the main roster way back in the day. I love them dearly, but I think Nese should keep the strap. I like Nese and love to hate him at the same time. Honestly, I think he’s one of the best in the Cruiserweight Division and I love seeing him hold the strap, and hope he continues to hold the strap after what I know will be a great match between these two.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Tony Nese


Baron Botch:  I hate that the “205 Live” guys keep getting the kickoff spot but I doubt that’ll ever change.  WWE is just using “205 Live” to fill an extra hour on the network.  It’s not considered a real show so this is just how it is.  Either way, this match should be great.  Nese has been showing a fire lately that he hadn’t shown since “205 Live” began and Daivari is finally getting a shot as he’s ALWAYS had the ability both on the mic and in the ring.  This match will be delectable.

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Tony Nese


Duke Dre:  I’m still shocked that Nese was the one to end the impressive Cruiserweight title reign of Sir Mit…..I mean Buddy Murphy.. I didn’t see that upset coming. Just like I didn’t see that upset coming, I don’t see Nese dropping the title to Daivari so soon after winning it so I gotta go with Nese here.

The Winner – Tony Nese


Sovereign S.A.M:  This match has kickoff written all over it and that is a shame because the Cruiserweights deserve to be on the main card and not relegated to the kickoff. This will probably be the first match that airs on the kickoff and it will certainly get the crowd hot. Nese has found some new life and he has been rewarded with the Cruiserweight Championship. Daivari has been around for a bit on 205 Live so it is nice to see him get this shot at the title. If I had confidence points, this is probably where I would put all of them because the winner seems rather obvious.

The Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Tony Nese


Sir Mitch:  I have to be honest, I haven’t watched a full episode of 205 Live since Mustafa Ali moved to Smackdown and I only watched snippets after that for Buddy Murphy matches. But since he’s now on Smackdown too…I have no idea what’s going on there.

So my pick for this match is a complete guess and its Tony Nese.

Winner: Tony Nese


Magnate Mat:  I did not expect Tony Nese to win the CW title, Buddy Murphy had made for a good to great champion and a match against his former “training partner” seemed like just part of the story….then Tony won, in New Jersey, and Tony is from Long Island so a bit of a hometown win for him. Ariya Daivari is one of the better athletes in the CW division, he’s just been snake bitten by injuries over the past year, while I don’t see him as champ YET, he definitely has the stock to pull it off when it’s time

Winner AND STILL CW Champion:  Tony Nese (and all 15 of his abs)


Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari

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