Thank You, Goodnight And I Love None Of You

I don’t know if it’s because Raw has been so horrible lately, or if it’s because they really haven’t built this MITB PPV the way it could have been built, but I honestly wasn’t interested in much beyond Becky versus Lacey and the Women’s MITBLM until the Kick Off show started. From there, I started getting a bit more excited, but this excitement has nothing to do with the horrible panel for this show. What a mess! Sam Roberts is annoying, more annoying that Otunga, but that doesn’t mean Otunga isn’t terribly boring and annoying in his own right. Coach has been horrid since he returned to the WWE, and it’s obvious that he really doesn’t know what’s going on with the superstars or storylines, and doesn’t care to learn. Then there’s Charly. I’ve not been a fan of Charly from day one, though she’s grown by leaps and bounds recently. Charly finally seems to know how to emote, she has personality that she’s not afraid to show, finally, but that eye-piercing lime green turtleneck made the TV almost painful to look at. All of the green from the MITB set with that shirt in there made me focus on my laptop screen and m spinning wheel so I didn’t have to look at my TV screen.

After all my complaints about the panel for the Kick Off show, they replaced Sam with Sonya and Otunga with Beth and it was great. I loves me some Sonya on mic and in the ring. She impresses me and I see her with a huge upside. That being said, I have felt the same way about Zelina and having her jump in was fantastic! I loved Sonya asking Zelina if she’s even part of the Women’s Division, and that no one cares about Andrade. Fingers crossed that this leads to a feud between Zelina and Sonya. Other than their size difference (Zelina is only 4’11”), I think they could have a great feud, on mic and in the ring. Fingers crossed that more fans, and McMahon, react to Sonya and Zelina the way I did because that could be so much fun!



The Usos are just the slightest bit off trying to get the fans involved in this match. Their mic work on their way to the ring had great hype, but their timing was off and it made it not work on TV.

Everyone thought this was a SD Tag Team Championship Match, myself included, until they said Usos would be number one contenders if they won this match. I guess it makes sense to put this on the Kick Off as it wasn’t a championship match and shows that no one is immune to being booked for Kick Off rather than PPV. Bryan was in the SD main event at WrestleMania, and now the Kick Off. Personally I thought it was a great way of doing things as it showed that even one of the top five guys was willing to work the Kick Off without issue. It was a smart move all the way around. Add to it how strong Rowan was booked in this match and I’m very impressed all the way around.


Boring Bayley?

I love that Naomi had her hair up for this match. I honestly have no clue how she works the ring with all that hair. Actually, I don’t know how many of the women work with all that hair in their way. To me Ronda’s braids made more sense than almost any other hairstyle on the roster, other than pulling her hair too tight and causing breakage.

Enough of the girly stuff, onto the match, and what match it was. I’m going to say it here, and I fully believe that this is one of the top three MITBLMs ever! They worked that ring so hard, and they were so creative in how they worked it. These women went out there and left their all in the ring. Not one of them rested on their laurels, and they all took some really solid bumps. I was cringing and smiling through this entire match, something I rarely do in gimmick matches other than the Royal Rumble Match. This was a great way to start the MITB PPV, and I’m now super pumped for the rest of the show!

I have to say that Bayley wearing more makeup lately seems to be indicating that she is staying in this edgier character, which she truly needs to not get the Cena treatment from the fans. Now, it’s great that Bayley won, but I will say that it’s more than time for different women to be reaching for the championships. Yes, Lacey facing Becky is a huge step in the right direction, but Bayley winning this is just more of the four horsewomen (or is it three after how Banks has been acting?) dominating WWE TV. I worry that if she doesn’t keep pushing to be edgier she will continue being boring Bayley. Fingers crossed.


Joe’s Blood

I’ll admit I was shocked that Rey won this match. I didn’t see Rey winning this at all, even with Joe’s shoulders up. As was said in the DD, Dominic is now Wendy in this storyline. Others thought that Dom was going to turn on his father and side with Joe. I didn’t see that coming, but it was more plausible that Rey winning the US Championship in my mind.  (Note from Botch:  The match ended kinda funny but we’re hearing that they called it because of Joe’s blood.  The call went to the ref and the match was ended).  Obviously Joe is going to be really pissed and is going to take it out on Rey and Dom over the next couple weeks. Hopefully Dom is ready for in-ring debut, but I do know he wouldn’t be there if McMahon and Rey didn’t think he was ready to bump. I don’t know what the plans for Dom might be long-term, but he’s been training for quite a while and I doubt he’d be this involved in the storyline if he wasn’t ready to start bumping.


Shane’s Heights

I have to say that this match wasn’t booked the way I expected it to. I really thought Shane’s stooges would be involved early and often. I thought Shane was going to do more purposeful flying, not as much being tossed around by Miz as he actually was. Heck, winning the match by sliding out of your shirt is a very Shane way to win, and even funnier was him sliding/crawling up the ramp with his shirt over his midsection so we don’t see his roll of flab.

Miz and Shane worked this cage hard and hit some solid moves in there, but nothing that was terribly exciting. It was good work that would have been that much better if both competitors were full-time pro wrestlers. I love Shane and I love that he’s still working the ring, but a match like this was not his strength. I honestly don’t know how he goes in there and does what he does. He’s in very good shape, but most guys of that age would think better of getting into a Cage Match with anyone if they didn’t already work the ring a couple times a week. Hopefully this feud will be over soon so Miz can move on and get into a feud with an actual superstar.


Cruising In

I’ve loved Shawn Daivari since before he debuted on the main WWE roster. I went to a house show in Portland, Maine with my daughter Ellie on her 18th birthday so she could see Benoit live. While there we saw Daivari for the first time and I was all in. I reacted the same way when his younger brother debuted in the WWE. I’ve been a huge fan since word go knowing that they are brothers. Aria is as great in the ring as his brother, so he gave Nese a solid run for his Cruiserweight strap in the ring. Nese doesn’t come off as overly charismatic or emotive in the ring, but I really like his ring work.

What hurt this match was the fans. They didn’t know who these guys are, or why they should care. That is the WWE’s fault and they need to fix it. They need to bring the Cruiserweight Division up and show them off on the main roster, a lot. They are too good to get no reaction from the fans. I won’t say this was a great match, but it was solid and showed them both in a good light.


Trippin’ Out

Trip looking up to Strowman makes me giggle. I do wish Strowman had denied attacking Sami more than he did. I am willing to bet that it will come out that it wasn’t Strowman who attacked and strung up Sami. I’m thinking it was someone else in the MITBLM. Nice job setting up for and growing storylines in short backstage segments that take very little away from the actual show.


That Hat!

A lot of people were against this match and the rest were excited to see what Lacey could do in the ring. I was worried that she would look too much like Charlotte in the ring, but that didn’t happen for me, even though they’re both tall, thin, blonde and wear similar ring gear. Lacey is fully invested in her character in a way that few (other than Becky) superstars are right now. It’s that investment that makes her fun to watch, and believable in her storylines! Lacey works to her tippy-tippies, which I talk about a lot, but even most of the superstars I’ve mentioned who work to that point are not as invested as Lacey is! I wouldn’t be surprised to see her walking outside dressed in the same outfits as she strolled to the ring in because she’s that invested in her character. Then again, the clothing she wears is lovely and fit her beautifully.

I won’t say this match was a great as I’d hoped it would be, but it was quite solid for Lacey’s first Championship Match as well as first singles match in a PPV. None of us expected her to be as strong in the ring as Charlotte, but I think we expected a lot because of how much she looks like Charlotte and how she’s been built on the main roster. This will not go down as a MOTY candidate, but it was a solid first big match for her.


Hits First, Then Asks Questions…

I’m really bummed that Becky Two Belts is no more. I’m not just bummed that Becky lost the strap, but that Charlotte chalks up another Championship win. The rate she’s going she’s going to lap her father before she hits 37 (four years from now)! I don’t like how many times Charlotte has been Champion, and winning here the way she did really rubs me the wrong way, even though it was legit, if dirty.

I will agree with Dre and Botch that this was probably one of their worst matches together, and it was still pretty solid. They worked hard, gave us a solid story and Becky Two Belts is no more. It is what it is as we know McMahon is so high up on Charlotte that he feels she has to go over in a big way, even if it’s only been a short time since she was Champion.

Charlotte and Lacey did a great job of coming together and beating Becky down after the match. I think when they, at some point way in the future, become a tag team, they will be a force to be reckoned with.


They Really Don’t Want Women Carrying Briefcases!

Bayley did a great job with this! She came to help Becky but also wasn’t going to take any guff. The way Bayley hemmed and hawed about cashing in her MITBLM case, working the crowd the way she did, was brilliant. Bayley showed serious greatness here and I hope it continues as she does have that elusive it factor, it just seemed to have drifted off while she was on Raw. Bayley handled this so beautifully that I hope she can continue with that on SDLive as she’s going to have to deal with Charlotte sooner than later.


Back And Forth!

This was as much of a well-executed back and forth match as we have seen from two of the best in the industry today. Stacy commented that they more than earned their bonuses tonight, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. They looked about done before they started throwing huge moves and finishers at each other right and left. The thing that most impressed Stacy in this match, and I have to agree, is that they both sold every bit of what they took from each other. They didn’t Super Cena or Super Reigns it in the ring, they gave and took as warriors and it was beautiful. The other beautiful moment was that handshake after the match. AJ had been skating the edge of being heel but didn’t completely step over that line. The handshake might have been a one-time thing and he will be heeling it up on Raw this week, but that moment was lovely.

The thing I can say about this match is that if you haven’t seen it, go watch it.



I truly have no clue who Lucha House Party was supposed to face in this mysterious six-man match as it wasn’t on the card or even announced earlier in the night. I will say they continue to make Lars look scary, and busting himself open on one of the spikes on Kalisto’s mask only added to that look. I’m also not sure how I feel about Lars at this point after all the things he posted on social media. Anyone who follows me on FB or Twitter know that I don’t post a lot and that’s because I’m famous for sticking my foot in my mouth. I have a slightly public persona and I’m aware that what I post online can affect either or both of my companies. I try to stick to posting Freckle Factory products on IG and WR stuff on Twitter, with very little crossover and even less personal venting. I’m aware that my words can hurt people and I don’t want to accidentally do that. Now, I don’t see me overstepping the way Lars did, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings just to get something off my chest.


Jamaican The Champion!

As great as KO is, I don’t know anyone who was rooting for him to beat Kofi for the WWE Championship. Just as Rollins and Styles left it all in the ring, these two did the same. They left it all in the ring, selling every little bit of the bumps they took, giving all the got to each other and the fans. The only problem I saw with this match is that it came too close on the heels of the Universal Championship Match and the fans didn’t have time to bounce back and catch their breaths, so the fans in the arena were not as into the match as they otherwise would have been. That being said, everyone in the DD was fully invested. It’s interesting in that everyone in the DD becomes very quiet when a great match is on. Not all great matches get that treatment, but when it’s one we are invested in, you can hear a pin drop in the DD, and I love it. We loved the Women’s MITBLM and the Universal Championship Match, but this was the match that turned everyone silent. No cheering, no cringing, just silence.


What Is Wrong With These Guys?

I couldn’t help but take Cole’s words for this match. He said that when Ali and Andrade came flipping off the ladders as if they had wings, and I’m not talking about drinking Red Bull. I’m really impressed with a lot of the moves in this match by Ricochet, Ali, and Andrade. They took some serious bumps and will really be hurting tomorrow for Raw and Tuesday for SDLive. They blew my mind and further impressed the heck out of me.

I honestly don’t remember anything Orton did in this match, but I tend to ignore him as much as possible. Corbin did some solid work and looked like a total goober out there dressed like a TGI Friday’s server. I really thought McIntyre had this one in the bag. He was the biggest guy in this match and is on the cusp of greatness. I picked him to win the Royal Rumble Match this year and then this MITBLM, yet he got screwed over.

I told Asukalanchian that he made the Queen’s List as early in the evening when everyone was trying to figure out who would be taking Sami’s spot in this MITBLM, he’s the one who stated that it would be Brock Lesnar and that he would be winning this match. We all told him not to joke about that, and not to give them any ideas. Then, when it looked like most of the high fliers were too abused to move and maybe my McIntyre had a chance, here comes the pain in my derriere! I’m completely disgusted with Vince McMahon now and really wonder where his head is, because it absolutely isn’t with the fans or any kind of sanity. I’m not going to have another rant, but I am disgusted by this and if it wasn’t for the work that the rest of those superstars did in that ring, I’d have given this a big, fat, X-rayed skull! The rest of the guys who worked so hard in this match, put their bodies on the line, and are going to hurt for days, minimum, deserve the grade, not BL!


Final Glow

It seems as though the WWE is having some serious issues with their refs. There were a couple of serious issues with a couple of them during this MITB PPV. I don’t know what should or could be done about it, other than maybe some solid retraining. This is the WWE, they shouldn’t be having so many issues, and there have been a lot of them in 2019.

What a great MITB PPV! There was so much greatness, and even though the WR staff pretty much bombed on our WR Predicts, I think most of us were pretty happy with how most of the matches went down. Even the matches that didn’t turn out the way we wanted them to, I think most of them make sense in the long run, even Shane beating Miz. Most of us want that feud to be over, and it should be after that Saudi show. I might be in a minority about the final match of the night, but I doubt it. Most everyone in the Wrestle Royalty Community has come around to my thinking about BL, even though I’d been in the minority about him for a number of years after his return to the WWE. BL is another rant that I’m not going into here, but be warned, if I can articulate my thoughts, it will be an ugly article.

Please, tell me what you thought of this MITB PPV, and what you think of what I had to say about the show. If you don’t comment, then we can’t have a debate!

Queen KB