Foley Reacts To Heat From Fans At Raw

Mick Foley had a rough time of it at Raw last night.  He was in his home state and it looked as though he was going to get a great reception in Albany, but then he pulled out the 24/7 Championship and explained it and the fans were not at all happy.  Foley took to social media and reacted to a tweet from Elijah Burke which I think explains perfectly what happened with the fans in attendance.




QD – I felt horrible for Foley watching him on Raw last night.  He’s put on some weight and looked quite a bit older than the last time we saw him on WWE TV.  Some say he was set up by McMahon and Triple H, that they knew Foley would catch heat from the fans, but sent him out anyway as Trip has almost no respect for Foley and McMahon knows Foley will do things like this, especially in his home state, because he truly loves the fans.  I know this will roll off him like it’s nothing because that’s what he does, but for me, it’s another shot taken by the WWE on the Hardcore Legend.