More Information On PAC Not Working Double Or Nothing

Benjamin Satterley, known as Neville in the WWE and PAC in the indies, is not going to be working Double Or Nothing this coming weekend due to creative differences.  What it comes down to is that Satterley and Dragon Gate didn’t want him to lose this match while he’s the Open The Dream Gate Champion.

The further interest on this comes from the revelation that Satterley wasn’t under a full-time contract with AEW.  His contract was written the way it was so that he could continue working with Dragon Gate as their champion.  Just because he’s not working Double Or Nothing doesn’t mean that he won’t be working with AEW at another time.

They ran the match through in the UK after Hangman Page flew across the pond for the WrestleGate show in Nottingham, England so the hyped match would happen in some way.  You can watch that match below.




QD – When Satterley was WWE Cruiserweight Champion and the suddenly was unhappy, didn’t show up, then left the WWE, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  We all know the WWE can be hard to deal with, so I figured it was one of those things.  Then this came up and I completely flipped my feeling on the matter.  One of my favorite sayings to live by (cleaning it up for WR) – When you meet a jerk in the morning, he’s a jerk.  When you meet jerks all day, you’re the jerk.  I truly figured the WWE was the jerk as they’ve been known jerks for a very long time, but this proves to me that maybe the WWE isn’t the jerk in this specific instance.