Smackdown Live! (5/21/19)

Your Daily Dre:

I hate it when TV shows say they contain “adult situations” but then don’t show anyone going to work, paying their bills or cleaning up their kid’s vomit.


Smackdown Results:

Shane McMahon is in his office and is joined by Elias and he apologizes for not beating Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank. He says he will be in his corner at Super Showdown but Shane says that isn’t necessary. Shane says he will be in his corner for his match with Roman later tonight.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out and talk about how after 6 weeks, Big E is making his long awaited return. They bring out a man in a drape and it isn’t Big E but somebody else. After talking some smack to him, they tell him to go to the back and Big E then makes his return to a nice pop. Big E smells Woods’ hair and Kofi’s armpit because he misses that smell and then he and Woods have a back and forth over Becky’s mom. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn interrupt the New Day and Sami complains about not getting anything when he returned. Sami continues to complain and then Woods interrupts him by playing his trombone. They continue their back and forth and Kofi says he will walk right through Sami as the crowd chants “New Day rocks!”.

Carmella is in the back looking for R-Truth and she finds him wearing a blonde wig so nobody recognizes him. They talk about him being the 24/7 champion and she says she will help him stay champion.

Ali def. Andrade

Carmella vs Mandy Rose is thrown out when members of the Smackdown locker room come out to challenge R-Truth for the 24/7 Championship. R-Truth and Carmella escape before a match can take place.

Kofi Kingston def. Sami Zayn. Paul Heyman comes out to tease a cash-in on Kofi and while he is distracted, Kofi is attacked by a returning Dolph Ziggler.

Bayley & Becky Lynch def. Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans

Dolph Ziggler gets stopped in the back for an interview to explain why he attacked Kofi and he says he will go out to the arena to explain why. He says that when Ali got hurt and Kofi took his spot that it should have been him. He continues to explain why it should have been him and that he will beat Kofi at Super Showdown.

Roman Reigns def. Elias. Shane McMahon attacks Reigns after the match and tries to hit Reigns with Elias’ guitar buts eats a Superman punch. Reigns goes to pick up the guitar to hit Shane but is hit by a Claymore kick from Drew McIntyre from out of nowhere. Shane and McIntyre stand tall as Smackdown comes to a close.