How AEW Will Declare Their First World Champion!

On the latest episode of The Road To Double Or Nothing YouTube series, it was revealed just how All Elite Wrestling will declare their first World Champion.

Basically, the promotion will declare two top contenders for the Title at Double Or Nothing and these two contenders will face off at a later date for the AEW World Championship.

The winner of the Casino Battle Royal on the events Pre-show will be that will air on all of AEW’s social media accounts, YouTube and iTV 4 in the U.K will be named the first contender.

The second contender will be the winner of the Double Or Nothing main event between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho.

For the full announcement, as well a lot of other entertaining segments (including snippets from the upcoming AEW documentary filmed just for iTV 4 in the U.K.) can be seen in the video below:

Sir Mitch Says: Some may see this as an underwhelming way to declare AEW’s first Champion, but I like it! Overbooking is one of the biggest problems in pro wrestling today so simple booking like this is golden.