It Shoulda Been Me!

SDLive was a better show than Raw from the start of the show. The storytelling was better, the wrestling was better, and the Ziggler was so much better. Actually, Ziggler is at the top of my list for favorite moment on SD this week and hope he can continue in this vein. Fingers crossed.


Becky’s Mom’s Got It Going On!

Big E’s face is amazing. He’s so emotive, and not only with his hips. I loved seeing a fake Big E (WWE producer, Temarrio Thomas) and thought he did a really great job of emoting in his own right. I am worried about Big E’s knee, and while he’s not cleared, sometimes things just happen.

I wasn’t as impressed with Sami and KO here. It just didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, though Sami double-fisting those mics was adorable.


You Ain’t Got No Alibi

Backstage between R-Truth and Carmella was great. I said backstage after Raw that I couldn’t wait to see R-Truth with Carmella and hope that she steals that belt from him. I get why they had Carmella explain the strap again, so I’ll let that slide, but dang that thing is U-G-L-Y!


Growing Greatness

The more I watch Ali in the ring the more I adore him. That man is a natural athlete who knows when to fight and when to fly. He sells better than most, and that’s saying something in this era of super superstars who can bounce back from anything to win their matches. I cannot say that he’s the best of the newest group of superstars to come up to the main roster, but he’s right up there. It’s good that he and Ricochet are on opposite shows, but I’m hoping that at some point they end up Tag Team Champs, then have one epic feud – in a couple of years, of course. Andrade has come so far since coming up as well and they’re really grooming him to be a top guy, in an organic way. They’ve not overly pushed him at us, but they have put him into matches that could lead to the top, like the MITBLM that both Andrade and Ali were on Sunday night. These two guys are on the cusp of real greatness and I’m thrilled that we get to watch them grow into the greatness they will soon be.


White Bra On R-Truth?

I think white bras are a travesty on a good day, but on R-Truth with his coloring? That makes no sense at all!


Good Truth Running

This match between Carmella and Mandy Rose was total trash. Carmella looked strong in there and Mandy was a mess. Carmella was right on Twitter, Mandy needs to go back and learn how to wrestle. I will admit that when she’s in there with Sonya she’s able to push much of the more technical stuff onto Sonya, but one on one Mandy was a mess in there. All the greatness Mandy showed us in the Women’s Tag Team Elimination Chamber must have been because it was so heavily scripted and she had very specific things to do in there and we were distracted by all the other women in the match. That’s the only reason I can see that I didn’t see her horrible side in that match and started believing she wasn’t as bad as I thought she was, which she really is.

All that about the glaringly white bra backstage and R-Truth is wearing a halter top without the white bra! Silliness!


Bayley Bores

I was so excited to see Bayley tonight. She looked so great Sunday night, really worked over the fans when she cashed in, but not so much here. Okay, let me back up. Bayley looked great here. I love her heavier eyeshadow which shows she’s edgier, as do the Savage Stars on her face, but then she opened her mouth. Okay, let me back up again. Her look was on point, but the way she was standing there, hunched a bit and almost looming over the interviewer. Yes, she’s taller than the other woman, but hunching like that makes her look like she doesn’t have the self-esteem to stand up straight and make the shorter woman hold the mic higher, as she does with the men. Basically this whole thing was a lesson in conflicts. Her look was edgy, her words were not. She has the SD Women’s Championship, but cannot stand up straight and be proud with it.


So Many Questions!

I feel horrible saying this, but until Heyman came out, this match didn’t hold my attention. I love Kofi and am thrilled with what he’s done recently. I also love Sami, but he’s not been as exciting in the ring lately. Those things put together and I think this was Kofi’s worst match since WM.

On the other hand, I have to say that Ziggler coming out and beating the heck out of Kofi was shocking, interesting, and exciting. He has also had a roller coaster of a career in the WWE, and I’d love to see him feud with Kofi. KO has been WWE Champion, and Sami again feels to be hanging on KO’s coat tails, but Ziggler is different! Ziggler works the ring in a very different way from KO and Sami, and works really well in the ring with Kofi. I was shocked to see Ziggler back on WWE TV, but once I saw what he did, started asking questions, and I’m really thrilled that he might have a WWE Championship feud with Kofi Kingston. Fingers crossed that’s where they are going, not just turning Ziggler into BL’s henchman. The grade is a mix of the blah match and the interesting ambush from Ziggler.


Two Out Of Four

This backstage segment was leaps and bounds better for Bayley, and I think it’s because she could rely on Becky some. Bayley stood taller, spoke stronger, and looked more self-assured. She wasn’t as strong as Becky was there, but few are as strong on mic as Becky is!


Three Out Of Four

So, Southern Queens or Southern Blondes? Those are the two names that have been tossed around the DD, and I have to admit that I prefer Southern Blondes because of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brian Pillman, further, I’m the Queen! I’ll fully admit it’s still strange for me to use the name, but that’s because of my SCA life and you don’t pretend to be royalty unless you’ve earned it. Yes, all that to say that I truly think they should, when they team up, which shouldn’t be permanent at this point. Anyway, this match was solid fun. All four of them worked this match hard and looked great doing so. Bayley really looked great in there, something she’s not been as great at lately. I don’t know, but I think Bayley moving to SDLive is a great thing for her, and I’m hoping this is what she needs. Further, Bayley without Sasha Banks could be good for her as they don’t have to figure out whether they’re friends or foes.



What a great promo from Dolph Ziggler! That was passion, heart, and the greatness so many of us know Ziggler has in him, but they keep pulling back when he’s doing his best. Further, I’m not watching Super Showdown, so I hope they make this into a continuing feud, not just for that Crown Prince.

EDIT: I hadn’t finished this segment, but I wrote most of this Flush during the show and this section is being written after the news of KO refusing to work the Saudi show. That’s the reason they threw Ziggler into this and gave him this segment, which was possibly the best segment he’s had since he and AJ Lee stopped running together on Raw. I hope they keep this storyline going because I truly think Ziggler won over the fans and deserves to run with this.


Green Nikes

I have to say I actually really like Shane’s kicks tonight. I normally don’t pay much attention to what he’s wearing on his feet, though I know he has quite the collection. I don’t wear sneakers, and really don’t like sneakers, so I don’t notice usually, but I really like those kicks! It might be that they have a very 90s feel and I’m still a bit of a 90s fashionista and I love the color green, especially green shoes.

I really wasn’t happy with this as the main event. It was very McMahon/Austin or McMahon/Rocky Attitude Era, but not in a good way. Some of those segments back in the day were great, but some were horrible. This was absolutely the worst of what AE was all about.


Final Flush

Some parts of this SDLive were amazing, other parts left me shaking my head wondering why they bothered spending the time. That being said, this still would have been a better go-home than a taped show from the UK. No offense to the fans in the UK, but go-homes shouldn’t be taped, ever.

Queen KB