Wrestle Royalty Predicts…Double or Nothing

Here, ye, hear, ye.  The Royals of Wrestle Royalty are at it again – this time pontificating, elaborating on, and predicting what promises to be an amazing Double or Nothing PPV – AEW’s very first event!  Read along with what we have to say…and predict along with us!  Vote in the polls following each match!



Queen Kendra:  This is an obvious one for me. I cannot put my finger on why, but I really have never been an Omega fan. It might come from that ‘reality show’ think that TNA had in the UK. The Blossom Twins, Omega, and Spud showed positive and negative of all three, and I think that’s where my feelings started. Anyway, we all know Jericho is in AEW to help get the younger guys over, as he had been doing in the WWE, and for which I give him HUGE props. So many top guys want nothing to do with paying it forward, which is what I expect of him to do here. That being said, I cannot turn my back on Jericho and my love for him, also my dislike of Omega, so I’m going with my heart over my gut on this one.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Chris Jericho


Botch Reed:  These two are going to kill it.  That’s all there is to say, really.  Both of these guys have been everywhere and done everything – although the obvious edge in experience goes to Jericho.  WWE wanted Kenny and he declined.  Smart move too since they don’t seem to be able to utilize the guys they’ve got now.  Chris will go willingly where the revolution leads and he fears nothing – hence his appearance here. I saw them kill it together on my very first NJPW viewing experience (WK12) and I know they’ll do it here too.  While I absolutely do not want to see AEW sign a bunch of WWE guys (which they’re kinda doing anyway), Jericho is a good “get” for them.  He’s absolutely willing to lose matches to get talent over.  I think he’ll do that here too.

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  Kenny Omega.


Sir Mitch:  I am so glad that this match is the main event. These two are undoubtedly AEW’s biggest name stars and the match they had in Japan in January of last year was near perfect.

Chris Jericho is a first ballot hall of fame who has done it all in the biz yet continues to evolve and grow as a performer.

But, Kenny Omega is arguably the greatest in-ring performer today who’s matches with Okada in Japan helped bring attention to the wonderfully large and diverse pro wrestling industry that exists outside of the WWE bubble. Even if you are someone who has only watched WWE and refuses to watch anything else…you have heard the name Kenny Omega!

That, my beloved Wrestle Royalty Community, is star power. That is who you build a whole company around. That is who you entrust to lead your company to success and help you to create future stars by having him work with all the up and comers as well as other top stars.

I forsee Kenny being given this role in AEW and it will all begin when he gets a second W on Y2J!

Winner: Kenny Omega


Sovereign Sam:  The first match between Jericho and Omega totally blew my expectations because Jericho has looked his age at times, but he was able to bring it one more time against Omega. Omega is one of the best on the planet, so I think he will be able to get the most out of Jericho once again. It is interesting that the winner of this match will face the winner of the Casino Battle Royale because that makes picking the winner a little bit tricky. A case can be made for either man winning and earning a shot to become the AEW World Champion. I hope this match exceeds my expectations like their first encounter did and we end up with a great match.

The Winner: Chris Jericho


Duke Dre:  I’m loving the fact that AEW is deciding to run this match back on their inaugural PPV. For those who haven’t had a chance yet please check out their feud in early 2018 and the match they had at WrestleKingdom 13, it was fantastic.

I not only expect this match to live up to their last match but I fully expect to see them eclipse it. I’m also loving the fact that so much is at steak here. The winner of this will advance on to face the winner of the 21 man Casino Battle Royale which takes place earlier in the evening.

Omega has had Jericho’s number for the last year and a half but I think that ends this Saturday. I think Jericho gets the win here which will establish him as the top heel of AEW for the time being.

Winner:  Chris Jericho


Magnate Mat:  Their first match at WK12 was a legendary affair. Alpha vs Omega. Kenny Omega is probably the best professional wrestler working today…Chris Jericho is one of the greatest of all time (according to him). Omega wants to prove he’s the best, Jericho still thinks he’s the best, and the fans get to see two amazing performers go full blast for our entertainment. This is a tough one to pick because both men are performing at an extremely high level and are willing to push themselves to the next level.

WINNER – Kenny Omega


Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho

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Queen Kendra:  I’ve not been a fan of the Bucks since they verbally trashed all those who came before them, but seeing what they have done with and for the industry I’ve chilled out in that regard. Bucks are AEW, and I know this match will be one of the best on the card. This is one match I’m actually really looking forward to, and I’m sure anyone who used to read my TNA Blog Zone might remember how anti-Bucks I was and I’m actually in awe at the fact that I’m predicting they will win this one.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Young Bucks


Botch Reed:  Both of these teams get themselves into matches that are positively life-shortening.  How they do the things they do their bodies is entirely beyond me.  I have no doubt that both teams will throw themselves around like rag dolls in there to entertain us…and they’ll succeed.  Pentagon and Fenix, in particular, fly like nobody’s business and if a team can keep up with them, it’s definitely the Bucks.  Who wins?  We do, you fool!  This’ll be fun to watch no matter what.  Okay, okay, I have to pick a winner so…

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  The Lucha Bros.


Sir Mitch:  Talk about a dream match!

While tag team wrestling has become a complete lost art in WWE relegated to PPV pre-shows and three-minute comedy matches…these two teams were putting on instant classics main eventing sold out shows wherever they went. Both these teams have completely redefined tag team wrestling, and fans should all be grateful for them for this.

I expect The Lucha Bros to go over here as I’m sure AAA would like their tag title back in Mexico and because Fenix holds the companies top title (even though they haven’t let him do much with it)

Winners: The Lucha Bros


Sovereign Sam:  This is the match I am probably looking forward to the most for Double or Nothing. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are just amazing in the ring and the Young Bucks will be able to match all the high flying moves that the Lucha Bros will throw at them. I have no doubt that both teams will bring it and leave everything out in the ring. I was surprised when the Bucks showed up in AAA and took the titles off of the Lucha Bros, so you can imagine that will add to this match nicely. I have no doubt that this will probably be the match of the night and will leave everybody wanting more.

The Winners and NEW AAA World Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Bros


Duke Dre:  I’ve gone back and forth on this one quite a bit but I’ve ultimately decided to go with the Lucha Bros here. Although picking the Bucks in this spot given their roles in helping launch AEW along with Cody would seem like more of the safe bet I just don’t think having the Luchas take another loss here would be a good look considering that the Bucks got the win over Pentagon and Fenix in Mexico. It’s also worth considering that this match is for the AAA Tag Team Titles.

I fully expect this to be the match of the night. The Bucks and the Lucha Bros are easily 2 of the top 5-6 tag teams on the planet and for those who aren’t very familiar with these two teams, they will show you why this Saturday evening so buckle and enjoy the ride and get ready to be taken on a journey

Winner:  Lucha Bros


Magnate Mat:  As a tag team, Matt and Nick Jackson have beaten them all and done it all. The driving forces behind ALL IN, BTE, and now AEW, Matt and Nick left New Japan multiple time IWGP Tag Team Championship reigns to move on to their next chapter. Bouncing around the country and appearing at various independent promotions – from Bar Wrestling to AAW and a number in between, Matt and Nick then ran into The Lucha Bros and they have traded confrontations back and forth since the AEW launch announcement in Jacksonville. The Bucks then challenged and defeated The Lucha Bros for the AAA Tag Team titles at Rey De Reyes earlier this year. Penta and Fenix have had a similar tour of the independent scene, even making some appearances here in Connecticut at NEW. These are the 2 best tag teams walking the planet right now and each believes they are Number One. I guess we’ll see in Vegas this weekend.

WINNER – The Lucha Bros


Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros

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Queen Kendra:  I have to admit that I’m excited for this one. No matter the outcome, this has been a long time coming, and Goldust is one of the few brought in that I completely understand. AEW is something that would have made Dusty so proud, and I’m sure he is proud and will be even more proud that his sons are working together and will be putting on this match in AEW’s inaugural match. I honestly don’t know where to go on this one as I don’t want to see either brother go over the other brother clean. Because I want to see this as a feud, not just a one off match between the brothers, I’m thinking that either Brandi gets involved for her husband, or something else screwy happening so this match ends in DQ.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – No Contest/DQ


Botch Reed:  This is one I couldn’t care less about, honestly.  Cody has tried to build this as the “Kill the Attitude Era” match and it’s just fallen completely flat for me.  I can’t suspend disbelief here.  Dustin is there because Cody wants him there.  It’s that simple.  There is no animosity between them – no matter how hard Cody tries to invent some.  I’m sure the match will be fun and both of them can tell a story in there.  There’s just no back story here that’s of any interest to me.

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  Cody Rhodes


Sir Mitch:  We all knew that this was what Cody and others on AEW’s various Youtube shows were teasing. The brother vs. brother feud that wasn’t done justice the first time around was always on the card.

But just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, Cody subverts out exceptions (in a good way, not a Last Jedi kind of way) by promoting this match as generation vs. generation, not brother vs. brother.


So with all that being said, I can’t see Cody going under here! But I do see a great match taking place where one generation surpasses another, and a living legend gets one last hurrah!

Winner: Cody Rhodes


Sovereign Sam:  I know what story they have been trying to tell leading up to this match, but I just haven’t bought it. I know some might be into it, but it hasn’t sparked that level of interest in me. They are trying but I just haven’t been able to buy in but that may just do with the fact I am so used to Dustin being Goldust and not just Dustin Rhodes. I think this match will be more about the story than the actual match and I hope that is the direction they go. It is a shame we never got a proper feud with the two Rhodes brothers in WWE but better late than never I suppose. This actually is a tough match to predict for me because I think either man would be willing to lose to the other, but I think I should go with the choice that makes the most sense to me.

The Winner: Cody


Duke Dre:  Around late 2013 Cody and Dustin were in the WWE battling and defending their fathers’ honor/employment  against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and a day later for the WWE tag team champions. When The Rhodes Brothers had their hands raised with the tag gold at the end evening I thought for sure we were headed towards a brother vs brother match at the following Mania but it never happened unfortunately and I thought a huge opportunity had been lost forever (and no that bogus Goldust/Stardust feud we got in 2015 doesn’t exist to me). Thankfully I was wrong and here we are finally.

I’m actually going to surprise quite a few people with this pick but I think Dustin ford over here. I could see Cody wanting to give his big brother that one final big moment before he decides to hang em up foot good. I also believe that this won’t be the last time the brothers cross paths. I’m picking Dustin now but I think later on down the road this year Cody gets his win back.

Winner:  Dustin Rhodes


Magnate Mat:  There is a lot to unpack here. Family issues, big brother, little brother, Daddy’s approval….and Cody is winning the race here. He left the WWE in 2016 with nothing but a list of people he wanted to wrestle, and boy did he tick off that list. He competed at WrestleKingdom AND WrestleMania in the same year. He hit independent promotions and went through TNA/Impact, ROH, and New Japan. Titles almost everywhere he’s worked, and then came ALL IN, a show borne out of a bad joke by Dave Meltzer, and that “joke” became All Elite Wrestling. The elder Rhodes has competed for almost 40 years, first in the NWA and WCW, then a complete reboot in the WWE as Goldust. Dustin has been the good company man in WWE for almost 20 years and recently left that behind and has something to resolve with Cody. I’m not sure what this match is going to be or how it’s going to look….but I’m going to be watching

WINNER – CODY (I mean it’s his show, how could he not)


Cody Rhodes vs. Dustin Rhodes

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Queen Kendra:  This, like the first match listed, is so easy for me. I’m a HUGE fan of Kaz and Daniels and have not waivers in my love for them both. I should go with the younger team, but again I’m going with my heart. Daniels is not a young man at 49, and Kaz is 41, but that doesn’t mean they cannot go the way they did ten years ago, twenty years ago. Honestly, I’m in awe of their work rate and how they just go go go outside the WWE. Yes, I know there is more to the industry than the WWE, but their ability to hustle is impressive. I’m sure I’m going to get this one wrong, but I have to stick with the old guys I adore.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – SoCal


Botch Reed:  SoCal is an absolute riot.  They’re also three of the best workers of…well…ever.  How it is that Christopher Daniels continues to go at the rate he does is almost AJ Styles-ian in scope.  There’s nothing he could do when he was younger that he can’t do now.  Frankie Kazarian didn’t have much of a personality when he was in TNA but, man, does he have one now.  Of course, he never had trouble in the ring.  Scorpio Sky is incredible too.  I’ve seen him all over the place – mostly Championship Wrestling from Hollywood years ago.  He still shows up there now.  I know CIMA, T-Hawk, & El Lindaman are here because of an agreement AEW has with OWE.  Beyond that, I know little.  I figured I should be honest about that rather than pretend to know more than I do.  This one (and others) will be a learning experience for me.

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  Me


Sir Mitch:  I’m actually kind of disappointed CIMA isn’t bringing some of his OWE trainees to Vegas to tag with here. Don’t get me wrong, T-Hawk and EL Lindaman are both AMAZING and the best of the newer breed of Dragon Gate dojo graduates in Japan. But those guys from OWE are doing something so fun and so unique and its a real shame we won’t get to see it.

I actually watched CIMA live once in Melbourne working a match against Australian wrestler/promoter TNT about a decade ago. While he looks like he has gotten old in that time frame…he still works at a pace that men half his age couldn’t match — ditto with Daniels, Kazarian and Scorpio Sky.

So bottom line, this match still has the potential to steal the show, and I expect So-Cal to get the win in Sin City.

Winners: So-Cal Uncensored


Sovereign Sam:  This should be an interesting match given the two sides involved here. SoCal Uncensored are a bunch of fun and fantastic in the ring and that shouldn’t be a surprise given who is in the team. I am interested in seeing CIMA, T-Hawk and El Lindaman because I have no idea who they are, but I am sure they are very talented. This is a match that will be just a ton of fun and I look forward to seeing what type of match this ends up being. SoCal Uncensored seem to work well with darn near anybody so there should be no problems here with chemistry.

The Winners: SoCal Uncensored


Duke Dre:  There really aren’t a lot of implications with this match but this match should be a lot of fun. AEW has has a solid relationship with the promotion OWE and for me that was the deciding the factor on me picking The Strong Hurts to go over. It would be a nice run going forward for them to pick up a win over veterans such as Daniels and Kazarian on live Pay Per View

The Winners:  CIMA, T-Hawk, & El Lindaman


Magnate Mat:  AEW’s announcement of ongoing partnerships with domestic and international promotions is about to put that on display. Oriental Wrestling Entertainment gets a chance to show their wares in Las Vegas and they are led by longtime veteran and mentor to Chris Daniels in CIMA. SCU had an amazing 2018, working everywhere and showcasing how talented they all are, in tag and in singles matches. OWE has a very dynamic and almost Cirque De Soleil style and SCU will do what SCU does, and they can’t wait to get back to Southern California.



SoCal Uncensored vs. CIMA, T-Hawk & El Lindaman

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Queen Kendra:  I’ll admit that this one is a shot in the dark for me, so I have to go with what little info I do have on them. I’ve watched a bit and did some reading on all of them and what it comes down to is I’m not a fan of Trent’s and I’m impressed with the work of Evans and Angelico. Simple as that.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – – Evans & Angelico

Botch Reed:  As with our Queen, this would be a shot in the dark for me as well.  I’m not content with doing that so I’ll abstain and watch this like a fan would.  This is another one of those where I’ll be learning along with the noobs.  I’m actually really excited about that.  I can just take this as it is with no pre-conceived notions at all.  Kinda nice for a change.

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  Again, me.


Sir Mitch:  I feel like we should call this one the match between the “Gaijins” and the “Gringos” honestly. Now before you ask if I’m some crazy white boy, the reason I would call this match this is because both teams are comprised of western wrestlers who made names for themselves in different companies based in countries that historically don’t like foreigners very much!

And yet, Evens and Angelico became huge stars in Mexico and Beretta and Chuckie T became big stars in Japan. Evens and Angelico even turned this into a gimmick in Mexico portraying an arrogant caucasian tag team who would flirt with female fans in the crowd to get male fans jealous and hopping mad.

Expect a fast-paced, exciting match in this one where I forsee the Best Friends getting the W!

Winners: Evens & Angelico


Sovereign Sam:  The Best Friends have become quite the lovable tag team and I really am looking forward to seeing what they can do in AEW. Angelico has been one of my favorites since I saw him on Lucha Underground and I have been a fan of Jack Evans since his days of teaming with Teddy Hart in AAA. This will be an interesting matchup and I think this could be a sleeper of the night and may open eyes to those who may not be as aware of how good Angelico and Evans are. I hope this ends up being a fun and exciting match that has people wanting more from both teams.

The Winners: Best Friends


Duke Dre:  If you’re a fan of NJPW then you’re definitely familiar with the talents involved in this one. Although I dig both Angelico & Jack, I don’t see them getting the win over the more established team of Best Friends. By the time October rolls around, I expect to see them featured predominately aside the likes of The Young Bucks and The Lucho Bros atop the AEW tag division. AEW made a big deal about signing these guys so expect to see a lot of them.

The Winners:  Best Friends


Magnate Mat:  I’m very biased towards tag team wrestling, it’s my favorite and this is a heck of a match that was just announced in the past week. The Best Friends are a solid tag team. Baretta is coming off a solid run in NJPW and Chuck Taylor has experience in various promotions including NJPW, ROH, Chikara, and Beyond Wrestling. Angelico and Jack Evans are veterans of AAA, PWG, Lucha Underground and various promotions throughout the US and Mexico. Angelico is every bit the high flyer and Evans is one of those rare performers that is good at everything he does, with the attitude to back it up. Expect a solid contest with the physical style of the Best Friends up against the high flying Angelico and Jack Evans.

WINNER – The Best Friends


Best Friends vs. Angelico & Jack Evans

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Queen Kendra:  I love that AEW brought in some much lesser known women, and I hope they continue with this because there are so many talented women out there who are not getting noticed for one reason or another. Looking through this group of women I’m impressed on the diverse looks of them. Though none are blonde, they all have their own look and seem to own those looks. That being said, Nyla Rose looks like a force to be reckoned with. I wouldn’t want to piss her off, and she looks like she could break the other two in half. Because of that I have to go with her to win this match.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Nyla Rose


Botch Reed:  Oh, decisions, decisions.  I’ve been following all of them – specifically Britt and Nyla.  I’ve seen Britt in IWC (where she was trained) and also, of course, at All In.  She absolutely kills it in there.  I’ve seen Nyla in Capitol Wrestling often too and she’s very Nia Jax but safer.  I like Kylie too but I think my decision comes down to either Britt or Nyla.  This is hard.  Okay, okay…  I’m gonna go with what makes the most interesting story.

The Winner:  Nyla Rose


Sir Mitch:  This one is going to be a hard one to predict!

These three were the first faces of AEW’s women’s division that were introduced to fans, and only Baker has any sort of name value honestly.

I’ve never seen Kylie Rae or Nyla Rose in the ring, so I really don’t know what to expect. But, AEW is being touted as a type of meritocracy, so I’m sure both have amazing ring skills.

As far as picking a winner goes, I think it would be a nice middle finger to everyone who gave her and AEW crap online if they gave Nyla the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose


Sovereign Sam:  AEW has made it a point in trying to sign some of the best women outside of WWE and this match should be a good showcase for some of their women. Britt Baker had a good showing at All In and made me a fan of hers since then. Once again, I am not that familiar with Kylie Rae or Nyla Rose, but I think that is the fun with AEW. AEW is opening my eyes to talent I haven’t seen because there is so much wrestling now, it is hard to keep up with everything. I fully expect all three women to bring it and put on a good showcase for the AEW women’s roster.

The Winner: Dr. Britt Baker


Duke Dre:  While it’s a bit disappointing that both womens’ matches at Double Or Nothing will be multi-women marched at least that provides more women the opportunity to shine on this special occasion. I’ve been going back and forth between Britt & Rose but I decided to go with Britt here. Britt Baker has the tools to be the face of AEW’s women’s division and I believe that is exactly what will happen and a win here sets her on the right path going forward. Look for this to be the sleeper match of the night.

The Winner:  Dr. Britt Baker


Magnate Mat:  MOTN candidate right here. 3 of the best women’s wrestlers on the scene are about to get the platform they deserve. Kylie Rae is a great all around performer whose worked everywhere from Freelance Wrestling (Chicago) , AAW, Shimmer, and Reality Of Wrestling. Nyla Rose is the first transgender wrestler to be signed to a major promotion and has been making her name in places like NYWC. Dr Britt Baker (DMD) has been wrestling since 2014, has performed in various promotions and has a superkick that will knock a head clean off.

WINNER – Dr. Britt Baker


Dr. Britt Baker vs. Kylie Rae vs. Nyla Rose

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Queen Kendra:  I wasn’t too sure on this match at first glance, then I went poking into these women and something clicked for me – I know who Kong is, and I don’t mean Awesome from TNA. I watched Aja wrestle on an old VHS tape a friend lent me what feels like forever ago. I was impressed with her then, and even more impressed with her now. Aja is three years older than me and I knows how my body feels first thing in the morning, and if only been destroying it medically, she purposefully works at something she loves but really can destroy a body. We’ve seen it before. I’m very impressed to see she’s still going at that level, and so she’s my pick for this match. No one can top her.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Aja Kong


Botch Reed:  All of these ladies are a mystery to me.  I am unfamiliar with all of them.  I know I said it already but that’s the best part of Double or Nothing:  turning us on to new talent.  While I’m not WWE purist (I LOVE indie stuff!), I’ve missed a bit due to time constraints so this’ll be class for me.  Based on what Mitch says below, I doubt I’ll forget them after I’ve seen them.

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  Again, me.


Sir Mitch:  If you are unfamiliar with Female Japanese Wrestling (Joshi) or are only familiar with it through the Stardom promotion…you are in for a BIG treat here in this match.

Kenny Omega has used his connections in Japan to help Brandi Rhodes secure some of the most athletic, exciting, and tough as nails female workers outside of the Stardom bubble.

I am curious to see Yuka and Ryo work as opponents in a match as they are a very successful tag team act and one of the reasons why DDT Pro Wrestling’s sister promotion (Tokyo Joshi Pro) has become Stardom’s only real competition.

I think Aja Kong being a familiar name to fans outside of Japan thanks to her brief run in WWE in the early 90s will result in her team being booked to go over.

Winners: Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura


Sovereign Sam:  I am going to be completely honest here and say that I am completely unfamiliar with the participants in this match. Aja Kong is the only one I am somewhat familiar with, but it has been some time since I have seen her in a match. I will say that the fact that I am going in blind does add a bit of excitement because I have no idea what I am in for. I will just sit back and watch and learn about all six women and see how talented they are. From what I know about the women in Japan, I should be in for quite the treat with this match.

The Winners: Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura.


Duke Dre:  Outside of Aja Kong most people I’d assume aren’t very familiar with the other names in this match but given the backgrounds of the ladies involved it’s not too surprising to say the least. I’m picking Kong’s team here to pick up the win. Don’t be surprised to see Kong and Baker feuding over the women’s inaugural AEW title once AEW’s tv deal kicks in this fall.

Winners: Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura


Magnate Mat:  This will be a Joshi (Japanese style) showcase with a diverse spread of talent and experience. Aja Kong is a legit living legend, Yuka Sakazaki is poised to become a huge star, and Riho has been wrestling as a pro since the age of 10. Anyone whose ever heard of promotions like Stardom are about to get a taste of what that promotion and what joshi is. Keep an eye on Sakazaki and Hikaru Shida – they are the future of Japanese womens wrestling.

WINNER – Kong, Sakazaki, and Sakura


Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami

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Queen Kendra:  I like both of these guys. They have very strong characters and seem to know what they’re doing with those character to their tipy-tippies, so it’s hard to choose. I guess it comes down to who I’d want to see face Jericho or Omega, and I have to go with Kip on that one. I love his smarmy schtick and how he carries himself, and I want to see more of it.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Kip Sabian


Botch Reed:  I’ve seen Samy Guevara before for sure.  I remember watching him go at it once with Fred Yehi and they tore it down.  Kip is one I’m not as familiar with.  That said, this is yet another one I’ll be watching as purely a fan.  More fun for me.

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  Again, me.


Sir Mitch:  Despite some people moaning about AEW hiring too many former WWE guys (looking at you Botch) the company’s roster is about 95% fresh faces who have yet to be given a stage this big and bright.

Sammy and Kip are two young, hungry Indie stars that are both looking to make a bigger name for themselves, and I expect them to do just that!

As far as picking a winner goes…as the pre-show is being aired live of British TV, I expect Kip Sabian to come out on top.

Winner:  Kip Sabian


Sovereign Sam:  I know Sammy Guevara from AAA and I have been impressed with everything I have seen from him so far. I think he has huge potential and could be a huge star in the coming years. I am not that familiar with Kip Sabian but from what I have been able to find on YouTube, he looks darn good. I think this will be a fun match on the preshow and will be one to get fans excited for what will come on the main card. I expect some high flying from both and this could be the reason to tune in and watch the Buy In.

The Winner: Sammy Guevara


Duke Dre:  A cruiserweight match on a Preshow? This sounds a lot like W……lol kidding. On a more serious note this match is flying under the radar big time and isn’t being talked about much at all and that’s a real shame because both of these guys can flat out go. I’m more familiar with Guevara’s work then I am Sabian. Guevara is the current AAA cruiserweight Champion and he’ll most likely play a very prominent role in AEW’s cruiserweight division going forward so I’m picking Sammy

The Winner:  Sammy Guevara


Magnate Mat:  AEW is all about up and coming talent and it appears off to a pretty good start. Kip Sabian is a UK grappler, one of the better cruiserweight type athletes coming out of Great Britain. Sammy Guevara is a social media darling, an independent wrestling darling, and the current AAA Cruiserweight Champion. Most tuning in to this show will know these two athletes but many will not, but they will put on a great show. Expect a ton of high risk and high flying offense, Id also expect Sammy to be coming out with his camera OR phone to record the proceedings for his ever growing internet audience and his vlog (yes people are doing those again)

WINNER – Sammy Guevara


Sammy Guevara vs. Kip Sabian

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Confirmed entrants: Brandon Cutler, Glacier, Sonny Kiss, Ace Romero, Sunny Daze, Brian Pillman Jr., MJF, Joey Janela, Dustin Thomas, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Havoc, Michael Nakazawa, Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, Isiah Kassidy,
Marq Quen, Shawn Spears


Queen Kendra:  Matches with large numbers of singles competitors are notoriously difficult to predict, and a lot of these young wrestles are new to me, so I’m going to revert back to the time honored method of flipping a coin. Obviously I don’t have a 21 sided coin, but I do have a twenty sided die. So l listed the wrestlers in the match, assigned them random numbers and rolled the die. Obviously the person with number 21 was automatically out, and that was Isiah Kassidy. I rolled a 15 and that person is my pick for this match.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Brian Pillman Jr.


Botch Reed:  As I’m sure the others will say when their predictions come in, these are the confirmed entrants.  I have little doubt we’ll get some big surprises.  One I think we’ll get is Jon Moxley (former Dean Ambrose from WWE).  Of this crop, I am totally on board with two people taking this:  Jungle Boy & Sonny Kiss.  For those who may not know, Jungle Boy is the son of former “Beverly Hills 90210” heartthrob Luke Perry.  He’s also really fun in the ring.  Sonny Kiss is really flamboyant but he can absolutely kill it in the ring.  We already know Glacier is out there because he’s Cody’s friend, not because he’ll win.  He’s a little long in the tooth to come out on the winning end of this stipulation (the winner becomes one of the opponents to challenge the winner of the Omega/Jericho match as Mitch reported earlier this week).  That also knocks out Billy Gunn.  He’s got a producer role backstage too so he’s good either way.  For the win, I think…

FOR THE WIN!!!!!:  Jon Moxley


Sir Mitch:  Back when I wrote predictions for All In, I picked a ridiculous winner for the pre-show battle royal in Glacier as a joke to give Botch Reed (the poor sap who has to compile and edit these things) a good laugh.

I was planning on doing the same for this one, but Glacier actually being in the match this time, and the added stipulation that the winner would be one of the two top contenders for the AEW World Title. So, do I have to be serious and pick an actual winner? OF COURSE NOT!!!

Winner:  CM Punk


Sovereign Sam:  With the current participants I honestly have no idea who to choose right off the bat. Add in that the winner faces the winner of Jericho/Omega, that makes it a bit easier to narrow down who could possibly win. The three people I can see winning are Jimmy Havoc, MJF and Joey Janela because I think those are the three with the biggest upside. MJF has become an awesome heel and one of the reasons I have become a fan of MLW. Joey Janela is just insane in what he will put his body through and he is quite the talented wrestler as well. Everything I said about Janela is the same thing I can say about Jimmy Havoc because that man does things that I could never see myself doing. I think the whoever comes out the winner of the Battle Royale has a real shot at become AEW Champion, so I just have to go with my gut here.

The Winner: MJF


Duke Dre:  Booking one of AEW’s first #1 contenders around a battle royale has received mixed reviews among fans but I personally have no issue with it.

1. It insures that all the AEW talent will be able to take part in such a historic event
2. Gives Double Or Nothing’s Pre-show  a real sense of urgency and a reason to not skip out on it.
3. Gives fans who are on the fence on rather or not to drop 50 bucks on this PPV a little sample of what’s to come to later and if good enough will reel in some last second buyers.

Again, a few entrances in this match had yet to be announced so one again guys like Punk and Moxley immediately come to mind but again I doubt we will be seeing either of them at all this Saturday. I think the smart choice here would be Shawn Spears. He’s close friends with Cody and I think Spears will get the opportunity to shine bright at Double Or Nothing.

Winner:  Shawn Spears


Magnate Mat:  So this is an interesting concept. Entrants will be in groups of 5 competitors (each representing a playing card suit). Number 21 will enter last and by themselves. This is a mixed bag of AEW and independent talent. Sonny Kiss, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Havoc, Glacier (yup he’s still around), MJF, Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy (Private Party), Jungle Boy, Brandon Cutler, Luchasaurus, and a number of entrants not even announced yet…..oh and Shawn Spears (the former Tye Dillinger) was just announced Tuesday.

Winner – MJF (I despise him so, but he is very good at this wrestling thing)


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