Jon Moxley Breaks The Internet AGAIN: Shoots Hard On Chris Jericho’s Podcast

For someone who avoided the internet and social media for years, Jon Moxley is pretty bloody good at sending the online world into a frenzy!

The former Dean Ambrose was Chris Jericho’s guest on his Talk Is Jericho podcast this week and needless to say, he had A LOT to say about his former employer.

While Moxley started out with expressing his gratitude to WWE and Vince McMahon for everything they had given him in his career and his life including making special mention of how he met his wife Renee Young in the company. However, after this, he spent the next hour explaining his frustrations with the creative process in WWE and when he decided he was going to ride out his contract and not re-sign with the company.

Moxley also went into his plans in AEW, the story behind the now famous Twitter video and revealed some surprising and not so surprising details about Vince McMahon’s thought process.

I implore everyone reading this to clink the link below and take the time to listen to the entire podcast. Because this is the biggest thing that’s happened in the pro wrestling podcast world since CM Punk spilling all the tea on Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast five years ago:

The podcast is also available on iTunes:


UPDATE:  This episode of “Talk is Jericho” has already become the most-heard Talk is Jericho podcast of all time.  Pretty impressive!