Impact Wrestling Champion Almost Worked Double Or Nothing

Well it looks like Double or Nothing almost had a huge surprise as Brian Cage was ready to be a surprise entrant in the Casino Battle Royal but Impact pulled the plug on it according to PWInsider.

Cage was backstage at the PPV and prepared to compete in the Casino Battle Royal match but when Impact Wrestling officials learned he was there, they contacted Cage and informed him he could not appear due to his Impact deal.

Cage worked the Over the Budget Battle Royal at All In last year but he is obviously in a different place with Impact currently since he is their top champion.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: This is rather strange and I honestly would think that Impact would want their top champion to appear on Double or Nothing because that exposure could bring eyes to their company. Impact is thriving due to Twitch but it wouldn’t have hurt to have Cage appear in the battle royal and have the commentary team talk up his status as their champion. This really is a head-scratcher to me.