WWE 24/7 Championship Changes Hands

Yesterday afternoon, the sporting world was shaken by a title change that will be talked about for many ions passing.  Up until this point (after some initial jiggering), we had a 24/7 champion we could count on.  Just as the sun sets slow in the west Texas skies in July, just as whatever lives must die, and every beginning must have an end, one other thing could be counted on.  We had become comfortable in the idea that no matter what ever else changed on this tainted orb we call Earth, R-Truth would always be WWE’s 24/7 Champion.

Yesterday afternoon, that changed.

On a balmy afternoon in the relaxed setting of a golf course, R-Truth’s reign – the most auspicious and destiny-filled reign in all of professional sports, came to an unexpected end.  Super athlete Jinder Mahal came from out of nowhere ready for battle and pinned R-Truth right there on the golf course. Not since the Iron Sheik’s victory over Bob Backlund in 1984 has a title change, no matter how brief, changed the face of wrestling this completely.  We at Wrestle Royalty were absolutely shattered to see hear about this and knew that video would follow soon:

What a relief, then, to discover that at the end of the video, our patron saint of 24/7 managed to regain his crown in the ensuing chaos.  As of this morning, all is once again right the world.  Our ecosystem is once again in balance and life can go on.  We are truly relieved and we’re sure you are as well.