Beyond Wrestling ‘Secret Show: Boston’

Beyond Wrestling is one of the, if not THE pre-eminent independent promotion in the New England area. Beginning in a warehouse in Ohio 10 years ago, and not having its first public event until a few years later, Beyond has planted its feet in the New England area, performing shows in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island among other places like Long Island. The amount of talent that has worked and works with Beyond Wrestling is staggering. Names you know like Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, Mia Yim, Martin Stone (Danny Burch), MJF and names you will know in the future or may not have heard of – performers like “the Retrosexual” Anthony Greene, Orange Cassidy, Kris Stadtlander, “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson, and “The Product” David Starr.

Beyond Wrestling

Performing in intimate venues, like Electric Haze in Worcester, MA, the Varnum Memorial Armory in Rhode Island, and their premiere event Americanrana will be held at Foxwoods Casino (the Grand Ballroom) in Ledyard, CT, Beyond has built a dedicated, vocal, and loyal following.

About 2 months ago (March 22), Beyond announced a show to be held at Ned Devine’s in downtown Boston. No matches were announced, just the show and promotion on social media that this was a show not to be missed. Without a match announced, it was sold about roughly 3 weeks before on May 17. The event happened on June 9 (this past Sunday). Just let that marinate for a bit, considering how the climate of professional wrestling is where information has a tendency to leak. Nothing leaked, not even rumors, who might be on the card, or what was going to happen. I don’t know what the Powers That Be at Beyond Wrestling did to ensure no leaks, but that is darn good OpSec (operational security) and a near miracle in today’s climate.

The past few months have been trailblazing for Beyond Wrestling. They’ve recently launched a weekly LIVE show on IndependentWrestling.TV called ‘Uncharted Territory’, which has not only showcased regular Beyond talent but also up and coming or overlooked wrestlers in their Discovery Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a one on one match, whoever wins moves on to the next week and it is not announced who the opponent the following week will be. The show, on its own merits, is worth the $10 a month for IW.TV.

Beyond Wrestling’s presentation is also a part of the charm and appeal. Almost everyone stands around the ring, no guardrail. The only rules are stay out of the camera crew’s way and don’t put your drinks on the ring. You would think fans would get out of hand, but it has not been an issue and the crowd does a great job of self policing. Commentary is also top notch. Paul Crockett (who we’ve interviewed here) is a solid play-by-play man with a rotating cast of color commentators he works with. Everyone from Joey Janela (AEW) to “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (ROH) to the “Most Marketable” Richard Holliday (MLW), who has shown some great chops as a commentator, and Paul works with all of them smoothly. He does a solid job of informing viewers, both old and new, who competitors are, their backgrounds, and keeps the action going. Some of the amazing matchups on the Secret Show were Chuck O’Neil vs Thomas Santell, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs Josh Briggs, for the Independent Wrestling Championship current champ Kris Stadtlander vs Kimber Lee vs Orange Cassidy.

We are in a major growth period for professional wrestling, the appetite for engaging wrestling is ravenous and Beyond Wrestling goes above and beyond to provide sustenance for said appetite.


You can find Beyond Wrestling on their YouTube channel and at IndependentWrestling.TV by searching “Beyond Wrestling”.