Impact Grants Scarlett Bordeaux Her Release

Impact Wrestling has granted Scarlett Bordeaux’s request to be released from her contract.

Scarlett joined Impact in July of last year. She quickly became one of the company’s more popular acts after being featured regularly on their TV show.

As previously reported, Scarlett’s boyfriend Killer Kross has also been wanting out of his contract over financial related reasons.

So far, the company has not been willing to grant his request.

During a recent interview, Kross talked about how Scarlett’s situation with Impact was worse than his and that she was still living at home because of how little she was making with the company.

While Scarlett did not say if she was going to sign elsewhere (and also stated she was going to enjoy free agency) it would not be a stretch to imagine her signing big deals with WWE or AEW. Her segments on Impact easily became the most watched videos on the companies youtube channel and helped give the company some much-needed attention from fans.

Sir Mitch Says: I am a big fan of Bourdeaux’s work as her character is a wonderful parody of WWE’s blonde bombshell female talent stereotype while also poking fun at the fact that us men can become complete idiots whenever an attractive woman shows us any attention.