Sami Callihan Gone From MLW?

Sami Callihan appears to be finished with Major League Wrestling. Callihan lost a Loser Leaves Town match to Mance Warner on a recent episode of MLW Fusion. MLW reportedly wanted to keep Callihan around, potentially bringing him back under a mask, however, officials were reportedly unhappy that Callihan damaged the Waukesha, Wisconsin venue during his bout with Warner.

Sir Mitch Says: While this could all be a work, I get the feeling this is 100% legit!

Everyone here at WR has their issues with Jim Cornette so I won’t delve into that aspect of this story. But I do think its a shame Sami is exciting MLW in this fashion as he has been invaluable to them both as an in-ring talent and a backstage agent.

But sometimes, in the heat of the moment talents go a little too far and have to face the consequences for their actions.