Smackdown Live (6/18/19)

Your Daily Dre:

It’s pretty considerate of germs to count all the way to five before jumping on the food we drop.


Smackdown Results:

New Day come out and start to hype up Kofi’s match against Ziggler this Sunday. Dolph then comes out and talks about how he will beat Kofi inside a steel cage because he won’t have the New Day’s help. Kofi starts talking about how his journey started inside a cage by another name, the Elimination Chamber. Kofi then says that Xavier Woods has been waiting to get his hands on Dolph and Dolph says he will beat Woods. He continues saying it should have been him and makes his way to the ring for his match against Woods.

Dolph Ziggler def. Xavier Woods

Shelton Benjamin and the B Team are outside of Baron Corbin’s dressing room and the B Team talk about the possibility of Seth Rollins attacking them if they decide to be the special guest referee for the Universal Championship match. Matt Hardy comes out from the room and calls Shelton Senor Benjamin and Shelton corrects him by saying it is “Mr. Benjamin”. Shelton walks into the room as they go to commercial.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are out for A Moment of Bliss and Alexa introduces her guest, Bayley. Bayley walks out with Alexa’s coffee and she says that Alexa has been lying to Nikki. Bayley tells Alexa to say things to her face and not behind her back and Alexa talks about how Bayley, and the rest of the locker room in NXT, were horrible to her in NXT. Bayley calls Alexa a liar and says she has betrayed everybody she has been friends with. Alexa retorts by saying Bayley isn’t as good as her and that is why she imitates other wrestlers. They continue with the back and forth and eventually come to blows. Nikki pulls Bayley off Alexa and Alexa ends up laying out Bayley.

Zelina Vega is backstage and Apollo Crews comes to talk to her about Andrade. They talk for a bit and Andrade attacks Apollo. Chad Gable is in the background and continues writing notes like last week.

Heavy Machinery def. The B-Team. Seth Rollins comes from the crowd and attacks the B-Team with a steel chair because they considered being the special guest referee.

Shane McMahon arrives in a limo and Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens confront him over Seth’s chair attacks on the talent. They talk about having issues with Kofi Kingston too and then Shane books a match between Owens and Zayn against Seth and Kofi in a 2/3 falls match.

Another Aleister Black vignette is played and he talks about how nobody has come to him for a fight. He says this isn’t a “woe is me” story but a “woe is you” story. He says someone will come and pick a fight with him and he will change that person in that fight.

Shane McMahon comes out with Elias and Drew McIntyre and Shane talks up how Drew will beat Roman. Drew talks about how Shane talked him out of attacking Roman tonight and he says that Roman only beat them down last night because he suckerpunched them at a private event. The Miz then comes out and reminds Shane of the beating Roman gave them last night. The Miz talks about how Shane is just a McMahon and how he and the fans are sick of seeing Shane on-screen so much. They trade more barbs and Shane books Miz in a tag team match against McIntyre and Elias. He lets the Miz choose his own partner and R-Truth shows up and Miz chooses Truth as his partner.

The IIconics are backstage and bump into Kairi Sane, Asuka and Paige. Paige tells the IIconics that she got a match between the two teams and if Sane/Asuka win, they get a title shot.

Drew McIntyre & Elias def. The Miz & R-Truth

Ember Moon is backstage looking for Sonya and Mandy and she finds them eating donuts. They have a back and forth and it leads to Ember attack them. Sonya and Ember trade shots with each other and are broken up by referees.

Drake Maverick (dressed as Carmella) pins R-Truth to win the 24/7 Championship outside of the arena.

Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn