Wrestle Royalty Predicts…WWE Stomping Grounds

Here, ye, hear, ye.  The Royals of Wrestle Royalty are at it again – this time pontificating, elaborating on, and predicting what promises to be an amazing WWE Stomping Grounds PPV!  Put on a pot of coffee and read along with what we have to say.  To help fill us out a little because of Dre’s and Mat’s scheduling conflicts, we have a very special guest predictor:  Lady Natalie!  We want to see your predictions too!  Vote in the polls following each match!


Universal Championship Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Queen KB:  I truly don’t care who the special guest ref might be, because there’s no reason for Rollins to lose his strap at this point. Corbin should not be Universal Champion, at least not at this point. I don’t know what needs to change in his character, but the first thing he needs is a new look. The TGI Fridays look needs to go, and fast. He’s no longer Raw GM and needs to find a better look. Honestly I’d rather him back to his grunge, hipster, emo look, hat and all, than this thing he has going on right now. I don’t hate Corbin, I actually think he’s doing a great job of getting people to hate him, as he should being a heel, but he’s missing something. I cannot put my finger on what it wrong or missing, other than his outfits, but he is missing something and shouldn’t be Universal Champion until they manage to work that all out.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Seth Rollins


Baron Botch:  I have been waiting for this match for what seems like forever.  Piper has been running his mouth off about Mr. T. since Lyndon Johnson was in office.  The straw that really broke the camels back was when he got T fired from the “A-Team for “exhibiting excessive body hair”.  That was just uncalled for!  T has been just waiting for retribution and he’ll absolutely get it here.  Piper does a great running bulldog but he’s no match for T’s Electric Bearhug.  That’s what’ll ensure that the title changes hands.

THE WINNAH and NEW Western States Heritage Champion!!! – Mr. T.


Lady Natalie:  I think Baron will tap Brock Lesnar to be his special referee, but this could have a negative effect for Baron.  Baron should of thought of a deal with Brock that would allow him to have a match for the title, if Baron wins and save the contract for a later match.  However, I think Brock will double cross him. Baron wins the match through disqualification, but I think Brock will cash in the Money In The Bank contract and defeat Rollins for the title as VKM likes the big guys and pushes them a lot.

The Winner – Seth Rollins / Cash-in by Brock Lesnar


Sovereign S.A.M:  The one thing that is interesting about this match is that the special guest referee that Corbin gets to choose has yet to be announced. This makes me wonder if somebody unexpected is set to be the referee. Either way, I have enjoyed Corbin’s work as a heel and do not understand people who do not want to give him credit for generating true heel heat. I saw it live and believe me when I say that heat is real and not go away heat. I think Corbin has the ability to put on a good match and it really depends on who he shares the ring with. Seth is my favorite worker right now in WWE and I think he can help elevate Corbin to put on a good match. Like Becky, I find it difficult to see Seth dropping the belt right now so take that for what you will.

The Winner and STILL Universal Champion: Seth Rollins


Sir Mitch:  Baron Corbin is like the Jar Jar Binks of WWE.

Nobody likes watching him, nobody can figure out what purpose him showing up on TV each week serves, and nobody can work out why he keeps being given such prominent screen time on Raw.

Him being in a Universal Title match is literally like making Jar Jar a general in the battle of Naboo…IT MAKES NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER!!!

I don’t know on earth the special referee for this match will be, and I really don’t care as it makes no difference what so ever (a usual problem in WWE booking) because we all know who is going to go over her.

The Result:  Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin

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WWE Championship Match
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Queen KB:  I didn’t watch the Saudi show, and won’t watch the Saudi shows to come, but from what I’ve heard, I understand why they are doing this in a cage. That being said, I don’t think the outcome should, or will, be different. As much as I think Ziggler has been screwed by the WWE for years, he shouldn’t gain his retribution over Kofi who was also screwed in so many ways. Kofi is doing great with the WWE WHC and should continue with it until the right contender comes along. Ziggler isn’t that person, neither is KO. I’d actually be better with Sami or Drew beating Kofi than Ziggler, KO, or especially Brock Lesnar! All of that is neither here nor there, for this match I expect some fun, a few tense moments, and Kofi defeating Ziggler yet again.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Kofi Kingston


Baron Botch:  This is another one that’s been a long time in coming.  Bob Backlund has been a truly stand-up guy.  He’s been champion for over 5 years.  The Iron Sheik has been on quite the tear and last time they met, he tapped out Backlund when Arnold Skaaland threw in the towel.  The wait for this rematch has been epically long and I’m glad we’re finally getting it.  Iron Sheik’s strength is nearly unparalleled but Backlund is no slouch either.  Further, Backlund is far more the ring technician than Sheik will ever be.  Lastly, Backlund will have retribution on his mind as he’s never been tapped out before.  This is another one with an easy outcome

THE WINNAH and NEW WWF World Heavyweight Champion!!! – Bob Backlund


Lady Natalie:  Both of these men are good wrestlers, however Dolph’s “it should have been me” whine does not do him justice and I do not feel its going over well.  I think Kofi is a better champion and will prevail in the end, retaining the title. Kofi for the win.

The Winner – Kofi Kingston


Sovereign S.A.M:  I have thoroughly enjoyed Kofi’s run as champion because they have booked him strong as champion. WWE have made plenty of mistakes with first time champions because they stop booking them strong once they win the title. That hasn’t been the case here and that is a good thing. I wasn’t huge on Dolph returning to challenge Kofi for the WWE Championship at first but Dolph has made it work. It feels like a combination of Christian during his heel program with Orton and Raven with his “what about me?” era in WCW. This should be a good match because both men know how to bring it in the ring. While I haven’t been a fan of Dolph’s character in recent years, I have always enjoyed his in-ring work. I think this will probably be the match of the night and one that will fully cement Kofi as champion.

The Winner and STILL WWE Champion – Kofi Kingston


Sir Mitch:  It’s so hard to buy Dolph Ziggler as a credible challenger for a World title when he has had the rug pulled out from him in the middle of EVERY push he’s ever had.

It is so hard to buy Kofi as a credible Champion when he spends most of his time saving his friends and teaming with the Universal Champion and not standing on his own.

It’s so hard to see the WWE title has nothing more than a mid-card strap now that the brand split is effectually meaningless. It has been killed off by only doing joint PPV’s and the stupid bloody wildcard rule.

I really don’t care about this match at all, so I’m just going to pick Kofi so Duke Dre doesn’t yell at me.

The Winner :  Kofi Kingston


Magnate Mat:  In a perfect world, this match should excite any wrestling fan. A main event on any show, including WrestleMania…but with the very lackluster RAWs that have been presented lately, a match that should be a marquis event is just “meh”. Taking that out of it, Rollins and Styles are easily some of the best performers of this generation, both had varying roads to WWE, and both have been champions previously and have shown they can carry the banner of WWE very well. This will be a good match, it would be hard for these two men to NOT have a good to great match, but Rollins comes out on top here but I dont expect that will be the end of it

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion – Seth Rollins


Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

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Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

Queen KB:  I really want to see McIntyre win this one, but without the help of Shane or Elias. He’s more than capable of holding his own in the ring and in the WWE. I honestly thought that McIntyre didn’t have the personality to keep up in the WWE, but he’s more than proven me wrong and I’ll be the first to admit that. I had McIntyre to win the Royal Rumble Match this year, and I still believe he should have, or should have won at WrestleMania, yet neither thing happened. It’s time for McIntyre to be pushed to the next step and if that means beating Reigns at this terribly built and advertised PPV, then it should be his next step! I’d love to continue seeing him work his way up and win something bigger at SummerSlam. Maybe the IC or US Championships, though I don’t want to see the US Championship pulled so quickly from my predicted winner, but right now,  McIntyre is a top guy in floundering clothing and needs to be pushed higher, to the top.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Drew McIntyre


Baron Botch:  There are few better athletes than Bad News Brown.  He was initially trained in Japan by Antonio Inoki and he’s one of the very few professional wrestlers who could really tear someone limb-from-limb if he chose (the other is Haku).  There is yet one more…and he’ll be facing him on this night:  “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.  Duggan, a former football player, plays ever bit the power game that Bad News does.  Jim also has an axe to grind.  In case you’ve missed it, Bad News stole Duggan’s 2 x 4, painted it pink, covered it in flashing Lite Brite pegs, and had it descend over the ring while “One” from “A Chorus Line” played over the sound system during Duggan’s last match on “Superstars of Wrestling” last week.  Duggan, of course, couldn’t help but Fossé along with it, which allowed Ron Shaw to steal a victory while Duggan was feeling the groove.  Duggan will be looking for retribution here for sure.  Will he ultimately get it?  I doubt it.  He’s likely far too angry and it will cause him to make mistakes.  As such…

THE WINNAH – Bad News Brown


Lady Natalie:  This is going to be a good match and I think we will see a lot of their signature moves, the Claymore and the Superman Punches.  I would love to see Drew win cleanly, but I think that there will be interference from his “friends” and Roman will get beat on some more.  I would love to see more matches between them without the cheating.

The Winner – Drew McIntyre


Sovereign S.A.M:  Just when I thought we had moved on from Roman and Drew, they decided to give us another match. I will say that the matches have gotten better but I would love it if we haven’t had as many matches between these two in 2019. This is obviously an extension of the Shane/Roman program that has been going on and McIntyre is Shane’s number one muscle, so it makes sense for this match to happen. The only thing I really dislike about this is that Drew should not be Shane’s muscle. He should be in the main event title scene but if this helps him get there, I will forgive them for it. I hope this match is good because their Mania match was a stinker.

The Winner –  Drew McIntyre


Sir Mitch:  Who on earth has been writing Drew McIntyre’s promos? All this stuff about wanting to hurt Roman is sounding less like a threat from an intimidating opponent and more like a set up for Drew to reveal a future Fifty Shades Of Grey-style gimmick!

In all seriousness though, this match is just another stepping stone for some big payoff match between Roman and Shane, so I fully expect Drew to go over dirty.

Ew, dirty…just made myself spew a bit!

The Winner – Drew McIntyre


Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

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Raw Women’s Championship Match
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lacey Evans

Queen KB:  There’s no question on this one, Lacey isn’t ready for this yet. She looks amazing, has a great character, and her ring work isn’t bad, but she’s dreadful on mic. Now, I know it’s hard for someone who isn’t use to it to keep up with someone like Becky Lynch on mic, but the WWE keeps sending her out there to get slaughtered. I will admit that I loved her comment about doing bootcamp in the morning and running a cotillion that evening, but one line and great looks doesn’t make for a great talker.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Becky Lynch


Baron Botch:  Velvet McIntyre has only been around for a couple of years but she already has victories against stalwarts such as Peggy Lee Leather & Judy Martin.  This has put her in the crosshairs of Wendy Richter.  Seems McIntyre’s ego has gotten the better of her and decided that Richter needed some…ahem…style alterations.  This would explain replacing Richter’s shaving cream with marshmallow fluff and lye.  A newly-bald Richter will absolutely be seething with vengeance on her mind.

Who wins?  Richter is apoplectic for sure but McIntyre is quite a handful.  I know we’ll get a great match though.  In the end, I think Richter’s manager, Cyndi Lauper, is near-guaranteed to interfere at some point and that will garner Richter the victory.

THE WINNAH and NEWWWWWWWWWW WWF Women’s Champion!!! – Wendi Richter


Lady Natalie:  Lacey Evans has made her presence felt in WWE over the last few months.  Her stage gear is nice although her wrestling skills are not as nice.  I think Lacey will make a valiant effort but, in the end, she will lose to Becky but not in the way we would like.  I think Charlotte Flair is still mad at Lacey for causing her to lose a match a few weeks ago and will interfere and be the ultimate reason she loses.  Becky Lynch will win and retain her title.

The Winner – Becky Lynch


Sovereign S.A.M:  Lacey Evans has been great on the mic but not so great in the ring. At least that is during televised matches because when I saw her in a dark match with Becky Lynch after Raw in Los Angeles, she looked rather good there. She was crisp and was hitting her moves without botches. It made me wonder if maybe she gets nervous performing in the ring on camera and it is just something she has to work to get better at. Back to this match and I think this could be a good match and it does depend on how well Lacey is here. Becky is still the hottest talent in WWE right now and it is so hard to see anybody take the title off of her at the moment. The worry many fans have is that Lacey has been pushed right out the gate and Vince has a tendency to book blonde women as champion. I think I will just go with what makes the most sense to me when picking the winner.

The Winner and STILL Universal Champion – Becky Lynch


Sir Mitch:  I said it months ago; Lacey Evans is not ready for the push that she’s getting. At the time, I was accused of not giving her a chance and being biased against her. But a few months of train wreck promos and matches with both Becky and Charlotte that quite frankly bombed has seen me proven correct as per usual (“smug” look now activated) so call me a proud “nasty” if you wish.

I think we can all agree that Vince would be crazier than Kanye West and Gary Busey combined to take the title off Becky Lynch as she is still the hottest thing in WWE today!

So as much as Vince is clearly in love with Lacey Evens horrible 50’s housewife gimmick that comes off like mix between Dolly Parton, Joan Crawford, Dolores Umbridge, and Cinderella’s evil stepmother…I fully expect Becky to go over here.

The Winner – Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans

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Smackdown Live! Women’s Championship Match
Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Queen KB:  I love Bayley and I really want to see her succeed, but she’s so not working! Those few moments she was edgier were great, but this Bayley isn’t working at all! My hubby came up with an interesting idea of turning someone heel from the outside, like with all the rumors Bliss is pushing about Bayley, and the great things they could do with that, though I’m really not sure Bayley can carry it, unless she gets her edgy on again.

Now, it took me a bit to warm up to Bliss, but once I did, I was in love, and I still am. She’s such a lovely young lady, and she plays the mean girl perfectly! I’m also loving Bliss’ relationship and manipulation of Nikki Cross! It’s so much fun to watch because both are so great in their roles. Because of that I’m going with Bliss winning this one with the help of Cross in some way, shape, or form. That way the budding friendship between Bliss and Cross can continue with Cross being so enamored with her new bestie being Champion.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Alexa Bliss


Baron Botch:  Few women’s wrestlers have been more dominant in recent memory than the Fabulous Moolah.  Much has been said about her but she’s been a mainstay in the World Wrestling Federation for many years.  Leilani Kai has been quite the problem for Moolah since they began feuding a couple of months ago.  Kai’s relentless trickery has included draining the gas tank of Moolah’s 1972 bright orange Opel and filling it with corn syrup, tying Moolah’s dog, Floofy, to a couch and making him watch Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer promos until he expired, and convincing Vince McMahon that Moolah was the illegitimate love child of Uncle Fester from the “Addams Family”.  Leilani’s reign of terror has continued unabated and Moolah has finally had enough.

Who wins?  I mean…Kai used corn syrup!!!

THE WINNAH!!! – Fabulous Moolah


Lady Natalie:  I will state, I very much prefer Bayley to Alexa Bliss.  I think that this will be a very interesting match.  Alexa has worked hard to brainwash Nikki into believing that Bayley has been talking trash about her behind her back that I honestly think Nikki will “break” and attack Bayley.  It will have the opposite effect from what Alexa wants as it will cause her to lose setting up a rivalry between her and Nikki.  Hopefully this rivalry will bring the crazed, screaming banshee that is Nikki.  Bayley will win and retain the title.

The Winner – Bayley


Sovereign S.A.M:  I let out a sigh when Alexa became number one contender for Bayley’s title because of how awful their program was with each other a few years ago. Thankfully, that hasn’t been the case this time and this feud has had real fire to it. Alexa getting Nikki Cross on her side has been done beautifully and Bayley denying all the things that Alexa is saying about her have been handled well. Nikki announced on Raw that should would be in Alexa’s corner after Bayley cost her and Alexa the women’s tag titles so that adds an interesting wrinkle to this match. Alexa has looked good in the ring since coming back from her latest bout with concussions, so I think this should be a decent match.

The Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion – Bayley


Sir Mitch:  The stuff these two have come up with the last two weeks is already way better than their entire past feud!

On a side note, I really dislike what has happened to Nikki Cross (I want the crazed, screaming banshee back) and I can only hope they go the same route with her as all other past “allies” of Alexa Bliss.

As much as I want to see Bayley have a nice long reign with the title, I know Vince is going to want at least one blonde to have a Women’s title in his company.

The Winner:  Alexa Bliss


Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

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United States Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Ricochet

Queen KB:  I’m really looking forward to this match. Their ring styles are so different from each other, but Joe work so many Ultimate X matches that I don’t see that being an issue in any way. Joe’s great at working the ring with anyone and making that person look either incredibly weak, or incredibly fantastic, whichever is needed at that given time. Joe is a consummate pro, as is Ricochet, therefore I expect that this match could steal the show. As much as I adore Joe, I think it might be right for Ricochet to win the US Championship. That will give Joe something to chase and give them both a solid feud moving through the summer, something they both really need at this point in their careers.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Ricochet


Baron Botch:  Big John Studd has been a force to be reckoned with for many years.  He’s been involved in feuds with the very best of them – including one very high-profile feud with Andre the Giant.  Sadly, Studd wasn’t able to get the best of Andre (no one has) so next on his list is Big Boss Man.  Boss Man cuffed Studd to the middle rope and force-fed him shrimp-flavored ramen during Studd’s match against Koko B. Ware – ensuring the disqualification and the ire of Studd.  To my way of thinking, there’s no way Studd won’t take this.  Boss Man is simply out of his depth here…and he’ll pay dearly for it.

THE WINNAH!!! – Big John Studd


Lady Natalie:  Samoa Joe’s time has come and gone, if Ray Mysterio had not gotten hurt I am sure there would of developed a great rivalry between the two.  Samoa Joe is a big guy and is the kind VKM would want to promote BUT Ricochet is a better wrestler and I think he is more popular.  Ricochet has shown he can persevere and win and has fans on his side.  He is much more interesting to watch.  I think Ricochet will win, but he will have to work hard for it.

The Winner – Ricochet


Sovereign S.A.M:  This match was set up during the go-home edition of Raw and I cannot wait to see this. This has sleeper hit of the night written all over it and should be great. Ricochet is so smooth in the ring and he makes everything look easy. It is just unfair that he is that good. Samoa Joe has been one of the best for a very long time and he has continued that during his run in WWE. I really hope they give these men at least 15 minutes because this could be a really stellar match. I hope this is just the start of a program between these two because I think a program with Joe can really help establish Ricochet as more than just a guy that does amazing things in the ring.

The Winner and STILL Universal Champion – Samoa Joe


Sir Mitch:  I’m happy WWE higher-ups have pulled their fingers out and giving us a match people can actually get excited about. It’s almost as if something lit a fire under their arses.

This one came out of the blue, but I am SO not going to complain about that. Watching Ricochet in action is like a watching a Marvel movie like Ant-Man in real time, and Samoa Joe is FINALLY being booked as the bad-ass destroyer he was always meant to be.

My only complaint is that Ricochet hasn’t really been given many opportunities to cut promos. I think if given a chance, he could maybe cut a great promo inside the ring especially if the cam zooms in on his penetrating brown eyes while filming it.

As far as picking a winner goes…I can’t see Joe dropping the title yet!

The Winner – Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet

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The New Day (Big E. & Xavier Woods) vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Queen KB:  With Kofi retaining the WWE WHC, I think the rest of his faction will lose their match. Things need to be balanced in some way, and there’s no way Kofi will lose to Ziggler at such a useless PPV. I do expect this to be a really solid match with a lot of great moments, but it won’t be the highlight of the show, and won’t be anything we will be talking about for years to come. Sadly Sami is again stuck with KO and they’re back to doing the same schtick they’ve been doing for what seems like their entire WWE careers. I’m hoping they break up in some way and soon, but for now they will take down 2/3 of New Day this time around.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn


Baron Botch:  Rick Martel & Tito Santana have come together to form Strike Force and they’ve been quite the formidable tag team for some time now.  Demolition (Ax & Smash) are as tough as they come.  They both mean serious business and we’ll get a great match out of this.  That much is certain.  There are few things crueler than replacing a man’s Grecian formula with molasses and that’s exactly what Santana did to Ax.  As such, Ax will want his pound of flesh here.  We’ve got power vs. speed and finesse so I’m not sure who’ll take this.  Because of the Grecian formula incident…

THE WINNAHS!!! – Demolition


Lady Natalie:  New Day is fun to watch, but Owens and Zayn are a tight team.  New Day is going to try hard however Owens and Zayn will win, but not cleanly.

The Winner – Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn


Sovereign S.A.M:  Of all the matches slated for Stomping Grounds, this one feels the most randomly thrown together. It is nice that Sami and KO will be on the card, even though it will probably be on the kickoff, and that Woods and Big E will get a match too. This will probably be a good match because it is hard for these four men to have a bad match. The outcome of this match feels very predictable to me and I will be mildly surprised if it goes the other way.

The Winners – The New Day!


Sir Mitch:  Now that Kofi is WWE Champ, I don’t really see what New Day’s purpose for still being together is apart from being a target for future challengers. I know a lot of people plain don’t want the group to split up, but unless Kofi is made leader of the group as opposed to an equal member…I see no other option creatively that makes sense. Being a World Champion is a solo act, not a group one!

This match was just thrown together due to this, and I am really not all that keen on it. Who wins? Does it even matter?

The Winner – Who cares?


New Day vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

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Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
Daniel Bryan & Rowan (c)
 vs. Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker)

Queen KB:  I love Heavy Machinery. Wait, I take that back, I love Otis of Heavy Machinery, Tucker is barely more than a shadow behind Otis. It’s sad how much of a nonentity Tucker truly is compared to his partner. We always joke about there being a Jannetty in every tag team, well, Tucker is even less than Jannetty at this point. He’s adorable, has lovely eyes, and a great build to boot, but he’s almost not even there compared to Otis, and that’s really tough on a tag team. Otis can only carry the team on his back for so long, and that has me worried long-term, but this isn’t long-term, this is one D-level PPV, and as great as Bryan and Rowan have been since joining together, I don’t think there is any way Heavy Machinery will win this one. My biggest hope for this match is that Rowan comes out without injury, which is a sad thing to say about a wrestler I adore, but his track record shows that he’s prone to injury.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Baron Botch:  This could be fun.  Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell & B. Brian Blair have been incredible as the Killer Bees have overwhelmed most tag teams in WWF with their speed and ring work.  They may very well have met their match here as Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson as The Brainbusters are absolutely nothing to play with.  Of course, Blanchard and Anderson are who they are and there was a horrible prank involving wasps and brand new masks fashioned by a seamstress known only as Constance that went horribly awry for Brian Blair – sending him to a local medical facility near Minneapolis at a house show.  The seamestress’ whereabouts are currently unknown.  Now with Blair fully recovered, he’ll be out for blood.  During Blair’s month-long recovery, Brunzell was left to play Shoots N’ Ladders in catering with Buzz the custodian and was unable to wrestle as Jack Tunney was only willing to let him be seen as a member of the Killer Bees.  Both are hungry for action and the Brain Busters have a huge target on their backs.

THE WINNAH – The Killer Bees


Lady Natalie:  I love Heavy Machinery; Otis is especially fun to watch.  Daniel Bryan and Rowan are a solid team and really good wrestlers.  Originally, I was going to pick Daniel Bryan and Rowan to win, but realized that they had been tag team champions for a while and the belt had still not been made “eco-friendly”.  One could take that to mean that they were not planned to be champions for long.  This is a tough one but I think I will go with my gut feeling and say Daniel Bryan and Rowan will win and retain the title.

The Winner – Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Sovereign S.A.M:  I was wondering if this match was going to happen since they started putting Heavy Machinery up against these two, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was announced on Smackdown. Bryan is the best thing to happen to Rowan because I think this is the perfect role for him. He isn’t asked to do too much and that is helping him stay healthy. Otis of Heavy Machinery is just a ball of energy and I love all the personality he shows since Tucker doesn’t have much of it. I honestly have no idea what to expect from this match because Heavy Machinery haven’t done much on the main roster as far as matches in a bit.

The Winner and STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions – Daniel Bryan & Rowan


Sir Mitch:  It’s so sad how far tag team wrestling has fallen in WWE. I had hoped with Bryan holding the blue straps with Rowen would give some prestige and air time for tag teams on Smackdown…but that hasn’t been the case.

Heavy Machinery is honestly being carried by Otis who is one of the more entertaining members of WWE’s roster. It’s been teased a bit on and off, but I hope they eventually go through with the storyline of him pursuing Mandy Rose. Maybe if he’s holding one-half of the Smackdown tag belts, he’ll finally have the confidence to make his move?

The Winner – Heavy Machinery


Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. Heavy Machinery

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Cruiserweight Championship Match
Tony Nese (c) vs. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

Queen KB:  This is a hard one for me as I love all three in different ways. It’s a really hard one for me as Nese really hasn’t been the Cruiserweight Champion for very long, but I so love Gulak and his character. He’s so different from most of the Cruiserweights because of his thing on high flying. Beyond that, Gulak is such an interesting character and talker. On a whim I’m going with Gulak winning the Cruiserweight Championhip!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Drew Gulak


Baron Botch:  Another one that will be fun.  Koko B. Ware (w/ Frankie in tow) is never less than fun in the ring.  Jim Neidhart is all business and an incredibly powerful athlete.  Lastly, Adrian Adonis will be looking for his very first title in the WWF and Goodnight Irene will likely ensure that he’ll get it.  I think that’s who I’ll go with too.  Koko will be fun and Neidhart will toss people around but it’ll be Goodnight Irene that takes this one.

THE WINNAH and NEWWWWWWWWWW WWF Intercontinental Champion!!! – Adrian Adonis


Lady Natalie:  As I don’t have the WWE Network at this point and haven’t seen 205 Live, I’m picking one randomly, my gut says Akira Tozawa will win.

The Winner – Akira Tozawa


Sovereign S.A.M:  Cruiserweight matches have a tendency to be a lot of fun no matter how much time the matches are given. I completely expect this one to be a fun and to get the crowd going. I pretty much expect this match to end up on the preshow because that is where the cruiserweights end up most of the time. Akira is a former champion and he hasn’t really done much since he dropped the title. Gulak has been a main stay on 205 Live and he has popped up in NXT in recent months. I have become a huge fan of Gulak and I think it is only a matter of time before he wins the title. Then we have Nese who is the reigning champion and he has had a decent run as champion so far. I have no idea who to pick here but I will end up going with my heart than my head here.

The Winner and New Cruiserweight Champion: Drew Gulak


Sir Mitch:  I have to be honest; I haven’t watched an episode of 205 Live ever since I left that show.

I really have no clue about this one nor am I all that invested in the outcome.  So gun to my head…Drew Gulak.

The Winner – Drew Gulak


Tony Nese vs. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

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