AEW Files An Interesting New Trademark

This past week AEW filed a new trademark, one that could easily be an obvious clue as to which night they might be airing a weekly show.  Previously they had trademarked ‘Tuesday Night Dynamite’, but that would put them head to head with the NBA during basketball season which would be bad for ratings.  The WWE has proven that going against the NFL on Monday nights is a huge challenge during football season and it appears as though AEW is learning from their mistakes.The newest trademark AEW filed was for ‘Wednesday Night Dynamite’.  The show is predicted to air in the autumn of 2019 and will run for two hours.

QD – While AEW airing their show then seems like a smart move as there isn’t any major sport (that I know of) that airs on Wednesday night, though there is a little thing called NXT that does.  I know that NXT is only for those with the WWE Network, but the majority of the people who watch NXT on Wednesday nights are the same people who will be tuning into AEW’s Wednesday Night Dynamite.  I give AEW huge props for changing to Wednesday nights as this is their way of going up against a wrestling show that the more hardcore wrestling fans watch, but not the mainstream fans.  In my opinion this is a brilliant move by AEW.