DDP Steps Up To Help Cass

Diamond Dallas Page has posted on Twitter that he is working with William Morrissey, otherwise known as Big Cass when he was in the WWE.  DDP mentioned Morrissey’s anxiety, depression, and the other things both causing concern and holding him back within the industry they both love.  DDP has further urged the fans to support Morrissey in this troubled time for him.




QD – I’ve been very open with my personal health issues, mostly physical, but not only physical.  This past winter, February through May I went through my own bout of depression.  I couldn’t tell you what triggered it, other than possibly my physical health which is in decline, but I found myself not leaving the house for weeks at a time.  Further, my anxiety has been so great that I’ve been almost crippled trying to call medical offices for appointments which have further let my health dwindle.  I’m bouncing back now, but really wish I had DDP to help me with my physical and mental health because he’s one of the best at what he does.  I’m thrilled Morrissey has taken the steps needed to move forward in his own life and career.  I think we all know DDP will get him back on track.