WWE Network To Air Evolve Show Against AEW Fight For The Fallen

In a rather surprising move, WWE has decided to counter AEW programming by streaming a show from one of the many independent promotions they partner with as part of their developmental system.

According to the Wrap, Evolve Wrestling 131, the Gabe Sapolsky-booked promotion’s tenth anniversary show the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, will stream live on WWE Network, Sat., July 13 at 8 PM Eastern U.S. time. Which is the exact same date and time as AEW are running their Fight For The Fallen event in Jacksonville Florida!

Sir Mitch Says: We’ve been hearing rumors about WWE airing these type of events on their network in the past, but I personally never believed it would actually happen. My guess is they eventually decided they wanted to have something to run against AEW’s show but couldn’t organize a streaming event of their own in time.