Bischoff And Heyman Advertised For Raw And SDLive, But Are They Really?

Advertisements have been sent out to the residents in Texas, close to where Raw and SDLive are scheduled to be held, containing banners with Heyman and Bischoff, respectively.  These advertisements, both online and through texts, state that they will be appearing on their specific shows.  These advertisements have not been on, which leads to questions as to whether they are actually scheduled to appear at all.  Further, there is the question as to whether they with have on-air characters, beyond Heyman being the Advocate for Brock Lesnar, though these advertisements seem to indicate they will be on-air some.

It has since come to light that these advertisements were not supposed to have gone out at all.  This is exactly the type of communication issue the WWE has brought Bischoff and Heyman in to avoid.

We’re told communicational errors like this are an example of why Paul and Eric were brought on board, to stop things from falling through the cracks. Our sources say they’ll soon be coordinating with all divisions to get everyone on the same page going forward.


QD – The WWE has made many questionable decisions recently which has led to things like the Saudi Arabian deal and the fact that the right-hand doesn’t know what the left-hand is doing half the time!  That these advertisements were not supposed to go out, yet they did, shows a serious lack of direction and control backstage.  I know the plan is for Bischoff and Heyman to report directly to Vince McMahon in their new roles within the company, but from much of what we have seen, McMahon is a very large part of the problem within the WWE.  Between the issues with creative, the crazy last minute changes that make little sense, the fact that McMahon is well out of touch with the fans, and his maniacal jealousy of Triple H’s success with NXT and the superstars built there, he’s just not the wrestling genius he once was.