I Want My Baby Back!

The question of the night is whether Eric Bischoff was involved in this episode of SDLive or not. There were moments that felt decidedly Bisch and I mentioned so in the segments I felt him in, but the majority of the show didn’t feel like Bisch the way Raw felt very Heyman to many of us. I have to admit that Raw was better than SDLive this week and that doesn’t happen often at all.


20-Minute Talk Show

SDLive really felt like it was starting the way Raw usually starts, before this past Monday, with too much McMahon talk and no real action. It felt that way until KO went off the rails. Whether heel or face, KO is is gold on mic. He said it like it is to Shane, not backing down from McIntyre, and then taking Dolph apart! That was a solid opening for being a twenty-minute mic segment, and all because of KO who is bloody brilliant. The grade is all for KO. If this segment was without KO I’d have failed it in a huge way.


Not So Much

I was thrilled to hear this match was scheduled for SDLive, but I have to say I expected more. I cannot tell you what more I wanted, but I really thought there would be more. Yes, Rowan got involved, but it didn’t feel like a very strong match for either of them. It wasn’t bad, not at all, but it wasn’t all I was expecting from these two. I think what I wanted was more over-the-topness from them. Both of them ooze personality most of the time, but not in this match. Bryan felt flat, or maybe he’s not feeling well. Big E didn’t have much of what makes Big E so endearing and confusing. It was just boring compared to what I was expecting.


Little Hornswoggle

R-Truth is one of the best things that has happened to the WWE – ever! No matter what he’s given to do, he shines! From dancing with Road Dogg to tagging with Miz, running with Little Jimmy, to this 7/11 Euro Championship, R-Truth has been at the top of his game from when he debuted and well into his 40s. I cannot say enough great things about R-Truth and have written about him in glowing words no matter where I was writing or where R-Truth was working. I’m proud


Spread Your Wings!

Bliss looks so cute with her hair pulled up and more minimal makeup. Actually, she’s downright gorgeous. I love all the glitter and all the bling she wears, and I wear as much of it as I can myself, but sometimes being more subtle is a beautiful thing, and Bliss proved it in this segment.

Then there’s Nikki who I’m head over heels for. I want to hang out with her and people watch. I think it would be a blast. Not sure Nikki hosting Moment of Bliss will be a blast, but it will be interesting and I have to wonder what Bliss is up to.


A Moment Of Cross

The way Nikki said she was talking slow because of her accent, Stacy and I both thought that she would go off the rails at some point and we won’t easily understand her, yet it didn’t happen. I loved how she worked her tippie-tippies! Every bit of her body was in that moment. Fixing her top, flipping her hair, the way she stomped to the ring. The whole thing was shown as well as stated and it worked wonderfully.

On the other hand, I wish I could give this two grades as Bayley was a total zero here. Bayley deserves the x-ray skull for her work here, it was just that bad. Bayley failed this segment in a huge way and I’d have left the room if not for Nikki.


Not So Much

Bayley usually shows her personality in the ring in a way she doesn’t, or possibly can’t, on mic, but she didn’t do it here. The second match of the night and the second disappointment. I was disappointed in Nikki losing, and disappointed that she was still working from her tippie-tippies (I can imagine her toes inside her boots are as on as the rest of her when she’s like this, because you know she’s working every bit of who she is) while Bayley continued to show us nothing in the way of personality. I want to grade this the same way I did the segment before, but in this one, Bayley actually brought Nikki down in the ring, and that’s a travesty!



What’s the plan for Ali now? I hope they’re not going racial with him because I loved that they hadn’t gone there with him previously. I love that he’s a face who doesn’t fit the mold of those who came before him. His mic work is strong, downright powerful even, but I worry that they’re going to take this wonderful face with a great smile and turn him into a cliché. I’ve heard a number of people express their worry about the direction they’re going with Ali, and I have to admit I agree with them, even in the face of his powerful promos.


Your Bum Is Too Big To…

Kofi and Joe went toe to toe here on mic and it was better than I thought it would be. Joe is always great when he talks in that slow, quiet way, but Kofi stood toe to toe with and not just kept up, but actually got the upper hand in the end. This promo might not have been a Triple H and HBK going toe to toe ranting and ready to kill each other, it was much more subtle than that, but not so subtle as to be boring. This segment is a step toward the greatness we know these superstars have in them and should be allowed to show us every week. Not sure it was him, but I’m going to thank Bisch for this segment.


Not AS Invisible

Tucker was a decent straight man for Otis tonight, better than he has in the past. I don’t like that Tucker’s tongue cannot seem to stay in his own mouth, but I guess he’s trying to make it some sort of thing for himself. Heck, he could have been doing it all along, but he’s been so boring that I hadn’t noticed. I will give Tucker props for stepping up his game a bit here, and while he has a long way to go, there was obvious progress here. Further, there cannot be two guys as crazy as Otis in the same team, it would be too much and they’d both be going too far in the wrong, or opposite, directions.


Not So Much

The band around Apollo’s right arm looks like the weaving I do. Make me think that it would be fun to weave an armband for a wrestler. I’ll have to contemplate that some more like I have to wonder about why it said ‘gifted’ on his other armband (in a font I weave in, I might add). If it was part of a storyline or something I’d get it, but Apollo hasn’t had a storyline in, well, since Titus Worldwide and that wasn’t a storyline, a feud, or even a great faction, but it was something! Apollo hasn’t had any something in quite a while and I hope that changes going forward, even though he lost to Andrade. Speaking of Andrade, we’ve not seen much of him lately, but we haven’t seen Charlotte either, so he might be spending his time with her while she’s not on the air. Not great for his career, or Zelina’s, but those new pics of Zelina could be great for her career. Honestly, not really, but she looked amazing!


Who’s The Boss?

KO and Dolph telling each other that they will take care of the match, the other can sit back and watch. I love that KO is saying those things that could lead us to think that they would be another Sheamus and Cesaro! It would be interesting to see these two form a tag team and run roughshod over the roster, or they will crash and burn in a most ugly way. I don’t see anything in between from them.


Anyone? Anyone?

Please, someone, pick a fight with Black! Anyone but Orton! I know a number of people want to see Orton help elevate Black, but this is Orton we are talking about! Orton doesn’t help anyone unless it helps him much, much more! I’d rather see him feud with someone who can keep up with him in the ring, and that’s absolutely not Orton!


Not So Much

I love Ember Moon, and while a bit thicker in areas, she looks amazing! I love that while we still have moments of body shaming between superstars as part of storylines, the WWE has really given women of all shapes and sizes a chance to be superstars. There are a number of tall curvy blondes on the roster, but then there are women like Ember, Nia, Nikki, Becky, and Naomi, who break the bikini model cookie cutter McMahon had in his head of female wrestlers for most of his life. These women are breaking barriers and look amazing doing it.

When this match started I figured there was no way that Ember would win it because Sonya (the woman who should be pushed over Mandy) was outside the ring and would obviously cheat to help her friend win. I was delighted when that wasn’t the case and Ember got the win. I wasn’t delighted in how short this match was and that Ember had to lower herself to face Mandy because she’s blonde and hot. Yes, I said it, Mandy is getting pushed for her looks, not for any wrestling or mic skills she might have, and I’m disgusted with McMahon over it. Ember should be in a much better storyline and feuding with someone who can actually hold a candle to her own skills.


Um, huh?

What is up with Shelton? I will say I’ve seen a similar look on his face once before, but that wasn’t on WWE TV. He was signing outside after a show and I didn’t have anything for him to sign, so I asked him to sign the cat ears I was wearing. The look he gave was similar to this but more confused.


Match Of The Night

I love how New Day had enough of what Bryan was saying on announce and attacked them. That didn’t bode well for the match in the ring at that moment, but they got back to the match after the commercial and that worked for me. I know they are trying to do things to eliminate the wrestling during commercials, and that one worked for me, but that’s just one trick and they need to find many.

The actual match in the ring was decent. I loved how KO pulled Dolph from the ring and really looked like he was trying to be a good partner, as he said in the locker room, but that was not to be. I stated that there were two directions this could go, either they’d form a great team or combust in their first match together, which is exactly what happened. I actually really enjoyed their crash and burn as it all came from an accident, as they usually do, but was still fun. I further love that KO came back after the match with a stunner. It’s a great way to give the Attitude Era fans a bit of the feel without being forced to drop 50 IQ points to truly enjoy it.


Final Flush

I do realize that I used the same segment title three times in this episode of The Royal Flush, but they deserved it! There were many wonderful moments, but the matches with that title were not any of those moments. I am quite shocked by how bad the matches were on SDLive this week and hope that it was a fluke thing and we don’t want that many lackluster matches on SDLive again!

Queen KB