Maria Is Actually Pregnant!

One of the biggest questions coming out of Raw this week was about whether Maria’s announcement was kayfabe or real.  It’s since been announced that Maria is pregnant, she and Mike will be having a second child.

We at Wrestle Royalty wish Maria and Mike all the best with the pregnancy and birth of their second child.



QD – I’m so excited for them!  Their segment on 205 Live was fantastic and yet it cannot hold a candle to their segment on Raw.  I cannot wait to see where they take it from here, and I hope Maria stays around for the storyline for a bit because she was on fire last night!  Lastly, this isn’t them writing them off the air as Mike recently signed a five-year deal with the WWE, and he’s good friends with Heyman.  This could be the start of a great push for Mike and possibly Maria.