Behind The Royal Curtain: WR Staff Discuss NWA, AEW And WWE

Backstage at Wrestle Royalty at around 10 am AEST:

Sir Mitch: Rumour: Billy Corgan is seeking investors in order to buy ROH from Sinclair and use it as a TV platform for the NWA. Apparently, he already has interest from TV Networks.

Magnate Mat: It’s not a horrible idea, it will give ROH the reboot it desperately needs.

Queen KB: It sounds like a great idea, and I know he’s been itching to really run a wrestling company.

Botch Reed: NWA is over and he doesn’t get it. That name is archaic poison.

Magnate Mat: I don’t Agree

Queen KB: DEBATE!!!

Magnate Mat: I think it’s got some life left. But something needs to happen soon or yeah…terminal!

Botch Reed: It died when dusty and ric left. That’s what the NWA is. It then became a splinter group of dodgy indie promotions. Billy’s efforts to resuscitate it have largely failed. They did it to themselves. Billy’s money was better spent elsewhere. Resistance Pro could have been fun but he ran out on it for reasons I don’t know. He was GREAT for TNA.

Magnate Mat: And was pushed out.

Botch Reed: Anthem is a mess.

Sir Mitch: Watch Scurll and Aldis put a new spin on NWA Title match classics like Flair vs. Race then tell me there is zero life left in the brand! That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Botch Reed: I will happily. No one cares.

Magnate Mat: Put that title on Marty Scurll and turn him loose.

Botch Reed: I love Scurll, but NWA is dead.

Magnate Mat: You’re dead…on the inside LOL.

Sir Mitch: No…that’s me 😂 Shane Douglas said NWA was dead in 93! Yet it’s still around in some form and the promotion he declared was the future isn’t. Just saying!

Botch Reed: Shane was right!

Magnate Mat: Shane works at Target.

Botch Reed: He can work at Target and still be right! AEW has the hot hand…and everything else is on borrowed time. 

Magnate Mat: I’m with Mitch here, there’s still a little life left there but if something drastic doesn’t happen soon it will die.

Botch Reed: WWE doesn’t have to fear AEW. Everything else does. AEW is the only other thing with a major TV deal.

Magnate Mat: Not really, because AEW will work with others. I see proof of it here in New England.

Botch Reed: That’s true but when they decide to stop doing it (and I’m thinking they will), it’s curtains. They’re being magnanimous now but it can change.

Sir Mitch: WWE fear losing stars to AEW (hence all the money and out of the blue pushes being thrown around in WWE) but that is truthfully about it…for now!

Magnate Mat: Some of their performers (like MJF) will be exclusive, some won’t and can work elsewhere.

Botch Reed: …until they won’t let that happen anymore.

Sir Mitch: Most will be exclusive come October!

Botch Reed: Cooperation is lovely. Business is cutthroat. When it’s no longer convenient, AEW will stop playing with others. It’s just business.

Sir Mitch: Court Bauer of MLW has admitted he will lose access to Lucha Bros and MJF in October. Moxley’s deal with NJPW is only for six months from what I’ve heard and NJPW are still upset Omega left.

Magnate Mat: I dont think you grasp the vision Tony Khan has for pro wrestling.

Botch Reed: I don’t think he’ll hold to his vision.

Magnate Mat: Which is fine, I love that no one over 45 is making decisions in that company.

Botch Reed: Same.

Sir Mitch: Who does? Everything changes on the fly as times demand.

Botch Reed: Of course. Tony’s cooperative spirit is adorable…but it’ll end when it needs to.

Magnate Mat: The guy runs the Jags, Fulham, and the US preeminent sports analytics firm. He gets “business” better than anyone in this chat.

Sir Mitch: Court locked down Harry “British Bulldog Jr.” Smith to a two-year deal after he left NJPW. He even hired his sister as a backstage interviewer to keep him happy.

Botch Reed: I’m not saying Tony doesn’t.

Magnate Mat: Tony is also in a position to redefine what you can and can’t do in the world of wrestling.

Sir Mitch: Which is what’s been needed for years now. The formula is outdated and needs upgrading.

Botch Reed: If he does and keeps the cooperative thing going, kudos.

Magnate Mat: Aside from being stupid rich, he’s not an old and stodgy white man. That already puts him 3 steps ahead of everyone in wrestling who makes decisions.

Botch Reed: True. I like what I’m seeing from Tony for sure.

Sir Mitch: That’s another thing AEW has going for it overall. Diversity!

Magnate Mat: And not forced pandering diversity either.

Sir Mitch: WWE would never hire people like Nyla Rose or Sonny Kiss that’s for sure!

Botch Reed: AEW haven’t even made air on TV yet. Time will tell. Ad revenue will too.

Sir Mitch: Have you looked at TNT’s twitter account? They caught on pretty quick that AEW tweets generate WAY more traffic than everything else they post. Every second tweet now is AEW related.

Magnate Mat: Analytics baby

Sir Mitch: Pretty sure they think they have a revenue raiser here!

After that, the conversation drifted into other subjects.

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